Spring flowers in Zürich – When and Where to Best Enjoy Them

Last updated on 20 March 2018

Spring always comes a bit earlier than I think, the flowers popping out while the trees are still bare, our winter coats still on, and a few late snow storms make us think winter will never end. But when you see the purple crocus pop out, it’s a sure sign that spring has started. Each flower type doesn’t last long, so I talk walks around Zurich every week March through May to make sure I don’t miss of the flowers at their prime. I made this spring flower calendar so you won’t miss any of them either.

See also my Springtime Walk for Zurich Families for a walking route to visit many of these flowers.

Snowdrops – January to March

These are the first to appear, sometimes as early as January. You’ll see them everywhere.

Crocus – March

these start popping out early March and are done by the end of March. Arboretum park along Zurich lake is the best place to enjoy them.

Daffodils – mid March through mid April

These usually start the second week of March and continue through early April. You’ll see them in the all parks, but Belvoir park has a huge field of them.

Magnolia trees – mid-March to early April

These usually start blooming in the third week of March and continue through early April. They only last a week or two, so best to check often to catch them at their peak. The white ones bloom first, then the pink ones a week or two later. Rieter Park in Zurich Enge has the best magnolias I’ve seen.

I call this one the “pink party” tree.

Cherry Blossoms – last week March to first week April

These usually bloom last week of March, first week of April. Idaplatz in Zurich Sihlfeld is a popular place to photograph these trees, with both pink and white ones.

Seestrasse near Bahnhof Enge is also a nice spot to enjoy them and shows up on Instagram a lot.

I found this little hidden park near Hegibachplatz, that has the most gorgeous cherry blossoms. I’d come here for a little meditation. It’s park of the Neumünster school grounds, so there’s a little playground to use outside school hours.

Tulips – mid-April through early May

The best place to enjoy tulips is Mainau Island just over the border in Konstanz, Germany, about an hour drive from Zurich. They plant thousands of bulbs and have amazing gardens all over this island. They also have a huge playground and lots of places to picnic. See my full review here.

I’d also recommend the famous Keukenhof gardens near Amsterdam, where you can also bike around the tulip fields. See my review of Keukenhof here.

Wisteria – early May

This usually starts first or second week of May and lasts for a couple weeks. Belvoir park is the best place to enjoy wisteria, with these beautiful arches.

Irises – mid-May

Belvoir park also has a huge iris garden, with a couple dozen varieties. These usually hit their peak in mid-May and don’t last very long.

Rhododendrums – May

About a 30 minute drive southwest of Zurich, you’ll find Selegor Moor, a huge cultivated garden with many acres of flowers, mostly rhododendrons and azaleas, the largest collection in Switzerland. See my full review here.

Dandelions – May

In May, many fields in Switzerland are covered in yellow dandelions, makes for a beautiful. Felsensegg is a good place to enjoy them.


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