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Grittibänz – Christmas bread man

As you may know, in Switzerland Samichlaus often leaves a bag of goodies to be discovered the morning of Dec 6. Among other things, children usually receive a Grittibänz, a little santa man made out of bread. Every bakery and grocery has them, but here’s a super easy recipe if you want to make your own.

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5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids about eRecycling in Switzerland

Our love of the outdoors definitely keeps us thinking about how we can help protect and preserve this beautiful world we enjoy with our family. Since modern kids use so many electronic gadgets and toys, it’s important for them to understand both why and how to recycle this eWaste, which contains lots of poisonous materials that need to be disposed of properly and precious metals that can be reused. Here are a few fun ways to do this, particularly in Switzerland.

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