Mythenrundreise Hike

This popular hike winds its way under the tall spiky Mythen peaks, with panorama views of green valleys, rolling hills, lakes, and distance famous peaks of central Switzerland. The trail connects two mountain resorts, Rotenflue and Sattel-Hockstückli. It’s nice to end at Hochstückli so kids get the bouncy castles and alpine slide as reward. It’s a long walk, but not particularly difficult. We saw people of all ages out there and lots of families. Part of the trail follows the St. Jacobs pilgrimage trail, so look for pilgrims with shells on their backpacks. This is a good choice for spring or fall when higher elevations trails are in disrepair.

Rotenflue also has a shorter loop trail (1.6 to 2.9 km), suitable for small children and strollers. See my Rotenflue Panorama Loop post for details.

Location:   Canton Schwyz, Central Switzerland
Address: Rotenflue: Rickenbachstrasse 163, 6432 Rickenbach bei Schwyz
Sattel: Eumatt, 6417 Sattel
Car: 45 mins from Zurich
Sattel Parking: 47°04’43.3″N 8°38’05.7″E
Rotenflue Parking: 47°00’52.7″N 8°40’08.3″E
Train: 1hr10 from Zurich HB to Rickenbach SZ, Rotenfluebahn
Adult return half-fare CHF 27
Trail: 10 km one way, about 3.5 hours
Condition: varied with dirt, rocks, gravel, not suitable for strollers
Skill: moderate
Services: several restaurants along the way,
small playground at beginning, huge playground at Hochstuckli at end
Cost: Adult combi hiking ticket CHF 44
SBB Half-fare and Junior cards accepted.
Open: mid April to end of October
More info:


This trail starts at the top of the Rotenflue cable car and ends in Mostelberg at the top of the Sattel Hoch Stückli cable car, about 10 km, about 3hr30 walking time with our 9 year old. (Click image below for detailed trail map). This trail is part of the official route Schwyzer Höhenweg 63.

The path conditions vary from wide gravel, to narrow lumpy dirt, to grassy fields, to short sections on paved roads. It is not suitable for strollers. The trail some some steep switchbacks at the end, where walking sticks would be helpful.

There are both restaurants and grill picnic areas at the beginning of the trail and at the half-way point at Haggenegg. At Sattel Hoch-Stuckli, there is a huge bouncy palace complex and alpine slide, additional fee for both.

Getting There

By public transport: Take a train to Schwyz, then Bus 3 to Rickenbach SZ, Rotenfluebahn. You will end your hike in Mostelberg (aka Hochstückli), ride the cable car down to Sattel, then a short walk to the Sattel-Ägeri train station to continue your journey home.

By car: Since this is a one way trail, you’ll need to use the valley bus service to connect between valley stations. I’d recommend starting your day by parking your car at the cable car parking in Sattel and taking the bus to Rickenbach SZ, Rotenfluebahn. Then when you finish your hike in Sattel, your car will be waiting for you. Make sure to buy your combi ticket at Sattel, which will also cover your bus fare.

You will take Bus 7 from Sattel, Talstation to Schwyz, Post. Then change to Bus 3 to Rickenbach SZ, Rotenfluebahn. The bus drops off ride at the Rotenflue cable car station. The bus ride takes 21 minutes. It generally runs every hour on the 00:28.


Both Sattel-Hochstuckli and Rotenflue offer a Mythenrundreise Combi ticket that includes cable cars on both sides of the trail and bus fare to take you back to your starting point. In 2017, this cost CHF 44 for an adult, SBB Half-fare and Junior card discounts apply. See website for current prices. They accept credit cards.

At Sattel-Hockstuckli, the bouncy castle play area and alpine slide at  cost extra. For example, entrance to the bouncy castles is CHF 11 for children over 6. The alpine slide costs CHF 4.50/ride. See website for current prices and combi discounts.

Opening Times

Both cable cars are open Mo – Sun generally from 8.45-17.30, slightly longer in summer, slightly shorter outside summer. The kids attractions at Sattel-Hochstuckli are open from 10:00 to 17:15 (16:45 outside summer).

Sattel Hochstuckli is open for summer hiking from mid April to end of October. Rotenflue is probably about the same but check websites for current info.

Top of Rotenflue

Here is the restaurant at the top of Rotenflue.

There are great views from here and smaller loop trails around this area. See my Rotenflue Panorama Loop post for details.

A small playground next to the restaurant.

On the trail

Follow trail signs to Mostelberg, which is the official name for Sattel-Hochstückli.

The Mythen peaks are quite impressive. You’ll be walking below these.

You start by briefly dipping into the forest.

Follow signs to Mostelberg.

The trail passes this restaurant with a view. Keep walking behind the restaurant toward the peaks.

The trail gets a little rough as you continue, with a couple sections on shale rock.

At this mountain guest house (at Alp Zwwüschet Mythen), continue following trail signs to Haggenegg and Mostelberg. 

The path getting narrower and heading into the forest.

Views down the ski slopes to Brunni-Alpthal.

Heading up through the forest.

Flattens out a bit here. Lots of people were picnicking here.

There was a fire pit at the edge of the forest here.

At the top of the hill at Haggenegg, the trail briefly joins the paved road. I hate hiking on paved roads so I was a little annoyed. But it doesn’t last long, don’t worry. You’ll turn into the fields soon.

You’ll pass this small pilgrimage chapel. I think St. Jacobs Way hikers were getting their books stamped here. Another restaurant with a view.

Follow trail signs off the paved road turning right onto a dirt road through the fields.

The dirt road eventually turns into a narrow path.

The path was quite muddy and we were glad to have all these logs to walk on instead.

At this juncture, you’ll see you can walk to Mostelegg in multiple directions. I suggest taking the Bannegg direction, which remains on a footpath instead of joining with a paved road.

Here we are walking toward Bannegg.

This part joins with a theme trail that has these funnels for listening and looking I guess.

Follow the trail signs toward Mostelegg down into the forest. This was the most difficult part of the trail, with steep switchbacks and tricky footing. You’ll want your hiking sticks on this part.

At the end of the forest, the path joins the paved road that leads to the Hochstuckli cable car. There is another theme trail that starts here. But you’re probably too tired to do it now.

At the end of the trail, there are various amusements, including the alpine slide and the bouncy castle complex, available for an extra fee. See my Sattel Hochstuckli post for details.

Don’t forget to walk across the suspension bridge for a few thrills.

Now ride down the Hochstuckli cable car to find your car at the bottom or make your way home via public transport. I hope you had fun!

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This popular hike for all ages winds under the spiky Mythen peaks, with panorama views of green valleys, rolling hills, and lakes of central Switzerland.



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