Klewenalp Hike and Scooter Ride

Klewenalp is a great mountain area for families, with a stroller-friendly trail, two playgrounds with views, and a fun scooter run down the mountain. I wasn’t expecting much from this small local resort, but it delivers big on the views and caters to families with lots of fun extras. We went in late September and the fall colors were fantastic, especially along the mountain scooter run with sweeping views of Lake Luzern. Definitely add this one to your list for fall hiking.

Location:   Central Switzerland
Address: Klewenalp Cable Car: Röhrli 3 6375 Beckenried
Car: 1hr from Zurich to Beckenried
Parking GPS: 46°57’57.2″N 8°28’24.4″E
Train: 1hr50 from Zurich HB to Beckenried, Post
Adult return half-fare CHF 36.20
Trail: 5.5 km one way, about 2 hr walking time with kids
Condition: wide dirt path, suitable for strollers
Skill: easy
Services: multiple restaurants and fire pits with wood, playgrounds at both ends, mountain scooters
Cost: Adult full fare hiking ticket CHF 44
SBB Half-fare and Junior cards accepted.
Optional mountain scooter CHF 10
Open: mid May to beginning of November
Klewenalp runs daily 08.05-17.45, every 20 mins
Stockhütte runs daily 08.30 – 12.00 / 13.00 – 17.30, weekends runs all day
More info: www.klewenalp.ch    webcams


This trail starts at the top of the Klewenalp cable car and ends at the top of the Stockhütte cable car. The trail follows a wide dirt path, suitable for strollers. Instead of riding down the Stockhütte cable car, you can ride the “Bike Board” mountain scooter for CHF 10, which we really liked.

There are playgrounds at both cable cars, a bigger one at the end at Stockhütte. There are restaurants at both ends and a couple restaurants along the way. There are two picnic areas with fire pits, wood and picnic tables along the way and one at the Stockhütte playground.

Here is the summer panorama map for the Klewenalp/Stockhütte area. Click for a larger version.

Getting There

This is a one way trail, so you will start at the Klewenalp cable car in Beckenried and end at the Stockhütte cable car in Emmetten.

By car: Drive to Beckenried, southeast of Luzern, and follow signs to the Klewenalp cable car (Röhrli 3 6375 Beckenried). There is a large free parking lot next to the cable car station.

By public transport: Take a train to Stans, then bus 311 to Beckenried, Post. It’s a short walk to the cable car station.

At the end of the trail: Ride the Stockhütte cable car down to Emmetten. Walk east on the main road to the Emmetten, Post bus stop. Catch bus 311 back to Beckenried, Post to fetch your car. Or continue to Stans train station where you can continue your journey home by public transport. This bus runs hourly at 33 minutes after the hour.

Tickets & Opening Times

If you plan to ride cable cars on both sides of your hike, buy the combo hiking ticket, which includes one way up the Klewenalp cable car, one way down the Stockhütte cable car, and bus fare. In 2017, an this costs CHF 47.50 for a full fare adult. SBB Half-fare and Junior cards are accepted.

If you plan to ride the mountain scooter at Stockhütte, only purchase a one-way ticket up Klewenalp, which costs CHF 25 for a full fare adult. The mountain scooter costs CHF 10 per scooter, includes helmet.

Both cable cars are open mid-May through beginning of October. They are open daily, generally from 8:30 to 17:30. Stockhütte closes for an hour over lunch, except on weekends. Check website for current schedule.


Here is the Klewenalp cable car, which runs about every 20 mins.

View from the top down to Lake Luzern.

Small marmot enclosure at the top. We were all squealing with delight when the marmot emerged from their holes and scampered around.

A little playground next to the cable car station.

My kids spent most their time on the zip line.

Ricola Herb Garden

Right next to the Klewenalp playground, you’ll find the Ricola Herb Garden. Take a quiz sheet out of the little mail box and match the illustrations to the mystery herbs around the garden. You can turn in your quiz sheet for a chance to win one of 100 surprise gift sets from Ricola. I was surprised how interested my boys were in completing this challenge. I liked smelling the different herbs.

On the trail

Start walking on the trail that toward the mountains.

When the trail splits, keep to your right.

Lots of color on the surrounding mountains at the end of September.

Easy walking on this dirt road.

When the trail splits, keep to your left, following the dirt road around the mountain.

The trail leads down to a restaurant.

Here is the restaurant with a playground.

The trail goes back up a bit, then splits. Stay to your left, following signs to Stockhütte.

The trail leads through a valley.

At the next split, keep left even with strollers. There is a Kinderwagen sign pointing right, ignore that.

View once you leave the valley.

Big picnic area on this ridge, with picnic tables, fire pit and wood – best picnic area on the trail.

View from the picnic area.

Back on the trail leading down through a forest to Stockhütte.

This trail has an arrow shooting course. This sign is warning you to stay on the trail, so you don’t get hit by an arrow. This arrow course has lots of stations, with fake animal targets in the forest that the archers can shoot. Both times we’ve been on this trail, there were archers shooting, which was very cool to watch.

Stockhütte & Playground

Reaching our destination at Stockhütte, where you’ll find a big playground, water, restaurant, and WC. Our kids spent at least 45 mins playing here before we heading down on the scooters.

There is a picnic area next to the restaurant with a grill and wood.

Big playground with trampoline, zip line, climbing structures, water play, slide, swings, etc.

Sand pit too.

Bike Board – Mountain Scooter

Instead of riding the cable car down, you can ride a “Bike Board”, which is this large three wheel scooter. It is very stable and easy to ride, with hand brakes. It costs CHF 10 per scooter. Recommended age 12, under that age can ride with an adult. Helmets provided.

The scooter trail follows a paved road about 5 km all the way down the mountain to the bottom of the Stockhütte cable car in the town of Emmetten. There can be cars on this road, so be careful, but traffic is light. We had only two cars pass us during our trip.

The road has great views of the lake. In late September, the hills were full of fall colors.

Ending in the town Emmetten. Follow signs to the Stockhütte cable car and return your bike board. It’s a short walk east on the main road to the Emmetten, Post bus stop where you can catch the bus back to Beckenried or Stans.

What a full day! We had such a great time here and I hope you do too.

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A great mountain area for families, with a stroller-friendly trail, two playgrounds with views, and a fun scooter run down the mountain. It's a small local resort, but it delivers big on the views and caters to families with lots of extras.

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