Ballenberg Open-air Living Museum

Ballenberg is an open-air living museum dedicated to traditional Swiss rural life. Old buildings from all over Switzerland have been transported and rebuilt at Ballenberg, open to explore with traditional artifacts setting the scene. They also have some trade on display including a guy making cheese, a lady weaving on a loom, a blacksmith, etc. It’s similiar to Colonial Williamsburg in the US, only in the US, the cheese guy would be hamming it up, speaking jovially in an olde tyme accent, giving colorful commentary on his work, getting the kids to help out in the task. At Ballenberg, the “cast” acted like we were getting in their way, grumping along, not making eye contact or saying a word. Still it was interesting and definitely fun for the kiddies. It’s also particularly good for visiting grandparents because they really appreciate all the history and crafts. The whole park is stunning, with gorgeous meadows overlooking the Bernese Alps. It’s a lovely way to spend a summer day.

Location:   Bernese Oberland
Address: Museumsstrasse 431, 3856 Brienzwiler BE-CH
Car: 1hr20 from Zurich
Train: 2hr30 from Zurich
Open: April thru October, 10:00 to 17:00
Price (2016): Adult CHF 24, Child CHF 12, under 6 free.
Services: cafe, picnic area with fire, playground, mostly stroller accessible
More info:

Getting There

Drive to Ballenberg, following signs to Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg. You can also take the public transport, by taking a train to Brünig-Hasliberg, then a bus to Ballenberg. One time, we took the train there from Zurich (about 2 hours) so we could relax and enjoy the scenery together. It’s a beautiful ride. There’s a combo ticket often available from that gives a discount on your Ballenberg entrance when combined with train travel. The trains I took had a special car for bikes etc, where I easily parked my stroller with my sleeping baby instead of having to pull him out and break down the stroller. In Luzern there’s a quick train change (like 5mins) so move with purpose.


The park is enormous so you’ll be doing a lot of walking and your kiddies will get tired. Don’t plan on seeing the whole park in one visit. Just pick a few of the “cantons” and enjoy them instead of rushing around. A lot of the buildings are very similar so you won’t be missing something amazing if you don’t walk into every building. My kids particularly enjoyed the saw mill and the nearby “village” which is a good sample of the park.

There’s a nice playground (with carousel) in the middle of the very large park, next to the restaurant (small and usually packed since it’s one of the only places to eat). I’d recommend picnicking as there are several very nice picnic spots in the park, some with fire pits and wood. Near the playground is some sort of kids maze in one of the barns. A couple of the kids I was with got lost in there and started screaming and we had a hard time crawling through it because the whole thing is kids size.

At the entrance/exit, there is a small chocolate “factory” where you can see someone making chocolate, aka pouring it into the molds. I thought the chocolate was only ok, but they have lots of interesting flavors. The gift shop has lots of ice cream for the trip home.

Now for some pics…

ballenberg fields overlooking the bernese alps

great outing for the grandparents

small parade with people in traditional swiss costume

loom lady

saw mill running on water power

some of the traditional buildings

house staged with all the props as if someone were really living there

view of Bernese Alps from Ballenberg

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