Zurich City Walks for Families

City tours can be hard for kids. Parents like the culture, the history, and the architecture. Kids need room to run around, lots of distractions, and good things to eat. Happily I’ve got several Zurich walks that will appeal to both parents and kids. When you click through on the maps, I’ve marked all the things special for kids to see, do and eat along the way. Since we live in the city center, we’ve done these walks many times with our kids, both for entertainment and basic transportation. I hope you like them. Enjoy!

1. Zurich Lake Walk – West

We love this lakeside walk for the the long lake views with alps in the distance, abundant flowers in springtime, and long tree-lined promenades. Our kids love the big open parks, the fun playgrounds, and easy access to the water’s edge to interact with ducks. This 4.2 km walk goes from Zurich Bürkliplatz to Rote Fabrik in Wollishofen, following the west side of the lake, aka the “Silver Coast” because it gets slightly less sun than the other side of the lake. The whole area is a pedestrian only zone, so kids can run around freely. The path is paved, so kids can bring the scooters or bikes.

>>> See Zurich Lake Walk – West for details.

2. Zurich Lake Walk – East

We like this walk for people watching and street culture on Sunday afternoons or any nice evening when all of Zurich comes out to stroll and enjoy city life. The kids love the big playground near China Garden and the fun stepping stones hidden behind the trees. This 3km walk goes from Zurich Burkliplatz to Tiefenbrunnen, following the east side of the lake. The whole area is a pedestrian only zone, so kids can run around freely.

>>> See Zurich Lake Walk – East for details. 

3. Zurich Springtime Walk

This walk weaves through the Zurich Enge neighborhood, exploring two big public parks and lots of hidden gems along the way. We like this walk particularly in spring when all the flowers are in bloom. I’ve marked our favorite flowering areas on the map so you don’t miss them. This 2.3 km walk starts at Bahnhof Enge and ends at the shores of Lake Zurich near the Mythenquai, mostly in pedestrian-only zones safe for kids.

>>> See Zurich Springtime Walk for details and pictures.

4. Zurich Old Town Walk

This walk is great to do with visitors and follows a similar route to official city tours, including the Free Walking Tour Zurich, which I highly recommend. Instead of detailing historical info, my post and map point out all the fun stuff for kids along the way, including playgrounds, ice cream shops, toy stores, open spaces for running, candy store, music shop for kids, fountains for splashing, etc.

>>> See Zurich Old Town Walk for details and pictures.

5. Zurich Limmat River Walk

This walk explores north of the city, where fewer tourists venture. It follows the Limmat river along a pedestrian-only pathway, lined with interesting street art murals. It ends at a big park and playground near the Viadukt market, lined with cafes and specialty food shops. You can extend your walk by returning to the river and walking a bit father to another great playground and park.

>>> See Zurich Limmat River Walk for details.

6. Zurich Forest Walk – Hornbach Ravine

This is a curious walk through a forest and water canal, a delightful bit of nature hidden between big buildings and busy streets on the east side of the city. I found out about by chance when I accompanied my son’s school class did on a field trip. So glad I volunteered that day.

>>> See Zurich Forest Walk – Hornbach Ravine for details.

7. Zurich Nature Walk – Allmend Brunau

We love this large park and nature reserve on the west side of Zurich, settled between Sihlcity and Uetliberg. You’ll see locals walking their dogs, taking their evening run, biking with children, picnicking, and building a fire to grill up dinner. The walk loops around the park, partly following the Sihl river. There’s tons of room for kids to run around, kick a ball, fly kites, throw rocks, etc.

>>> See Zurich Nature Walk – Allmend Brunau for details.

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