Favorite Playgrounds in Zurich City

With over 150 playgrounds in Zurich city, practically every neighborhood park and school has one, big or small. But we like to try new things, so we often venture out and visit playgrounds in other neighborhoods. It gives us an excuse to get to know our city better and a chance to stumble upon interesting things we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Happily, the Zurich playgrounds are lovingly cataloged on a great map by Zuriplay, where you can see lots of pictures of each playground and search by feature. Stadt Zürich also has a playground map, but it doesn’t seem to be functioning properly at the moment.

I’m sure you have your favorite in your corner of the city. But here are a few of our favorites and the reasons why. Enjoy!

P.S. When we first moved to Zurich, I was shocked at how “dangerous” the playgrounds were compared to the US. But my kids quickly learned to navigate their way without hurting themselves and I eventually learned to relax and let go. I recommend the same. Good luck!

1. GZ Wipkingen

Many locals will tell you that is the best playground in all of Zurich, even if they don’t live in the neighborhood. The play equipment is primary an enormous rope climbing structure, great for bigger kids but also with features that cater to small ones. There are swings, a slide, a fun splash pad for warm days, and a big sand pit with water play. There is a mini “Kinder” farm with animals to visit. They have an arts and crafts workshop that offers classes. Of course, there is a self-service cafe for coffee and cakes and a casual weekday lunch, first come first served till the food runs out.

GZ Wipkingen
Breitensteinstrasse 19A, 8037 Zürich – Map

2. Blatterwiese

This is probably the most well-known playground in Zurich since so many locals and tourist pass by here on weekend and evening lakeside strolls. We love that there are lots of swings and four slides of varying heights, so kids don’t have to compete. Bring your own sand toys for the big sand pit and extra clothes for the splash pad in summer. We like that it’s fenced in to contain runners and deter weirdos. For lunch, get some Chinese take out next door at China Garden.

Blatterwiese Playground at Zurihorn
Bellerivestrasse 146, 8008 Zürich – Map

3. Kanzleiweise

The semi-enclosed park is a welcome quiet spot in the center of a lot of action. The kids love the climbing structures, big net swing and wide open grass for kicking the ball. We love the fun nearby foodies stops, like the twice weekly farmer’s market, John Baker Ltd for scrumptious baked goods, and Aggarwal Indian Grocery for super fine mangos.

Kanzleiweise Playground at Helvetiaplatz
Kanzleistrasse 56, 8004 Zürich – Map

4. Kollerwiese

Kids love the pirate ship and parents love the picnic tables, making snack time much easier. The hill next to the playground is great for sledding in winter and rolling down in summer. Take a quick walk to the top of it and get a wonderful view over the city.

Kollerwiese Playground in Wiedikon
Wiedingstrasse, 8003 Zürich – Map

5. Josefwiese at Viadukt

It’s delightful to find such a quiet and clean park in a rather industrial part of the city. This large playground sits in a shady corner of an enormous grassy park. My kids love that are there are so many swings that they rarely have to take turns. There’s also a climbing structure, a slide, and sand pit with water play. I love the outdoor cafes and nearby Viadukt specialty food shops for gourmet picnic supplies.

Josefwiese Playground
Josefstrasse 197, 8005 Zürich – Map

6. Quartier Treff Enge

This enclosed park has a cafe open every afternoon, so chatting parents can enjoy homemade cake and coffee while the kids dig in the sand pit and climb around. They host lots of community events throughout the year.

Quartier Treff Enge
Gablerstrasse 20, 8002 Zürich – Map

7. GZ Wollishofen

This playground looks a little rough, with graffiti spilling over from the Rote Fabrik artists center next door. But the kids don’t care when they are climbing, running, swinging and laughing. We like that the playground is right on the lake shore, so on hot days we can all jump in the water to cool off. There are also grills in the adjacent grassy park, making dinner plans super easy on warm summer evenings. The playground belongs to the Wollishofen community center, aka Gemeindezentrum,  where you’ll find a cafe and organized classes and events for families.

GZ Wollishofen Playground
Bachstrasse 7, 8038 Zürich – Map

8. Sihlpromenade

This crazy structure looks more like a street art project than a kids’ playground, but we dig it. My kids like to race through the sticks and design obstacle courses. Local day-care groups often make this a destination. We like that it’s away from the roads, so only bothered by the occasional train.

Sihlpromenade Playground near Sihlhölzli
Sihlpromenade, 8002 Zürich – Map

What’s your favorite playground in Zurich?


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  1. I’ve visited most of these and would agree. Josefweise and Blatterweise / Chinagarten are perennial faves. The equipment at Sihlpromenade looks a bit like one of our locals at Neu Oerlikon, which is another nice park with a huge space for scootering/biking/ running around. I’d also add Artegut. 🙂

  2. I just told my husband yesterday that I wanted to write a post about playgrounds around Bern. My husband thought it was a great idea for the same reason as you wrote…to discover other part of Bern. And who knows we might find friends for life on a playground on the otherside of Bern.

  3. Such a great resource! We live in Baden but land up in Zurich every now and then, and usually for playtime we just head to the lakeside and land up at the one at Blatterwiese. I am bookmarking this for our next day out in Zurich.

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