Pizol Panoramaweg

This short and easy panorama trail has spectacular mountain views without requiring much work. Ride a series of lifts to the top of this Pizol resort, then stroll along the wide, relatively flat trail, suitable for little kids and strollers. After the hike, you can stop at one of the big play areas, with trampolines, swings, climbing structures, and water play. In 2016, this is part of the 10 CHF UBS Mountain Offer, so it’s super affordable as well.

Location:   Eastern Switzerland
Address: Wangs, Sargans, Switzerland
GPS: 47°01’47.3″N 9°26’01.3″E
Car: 1hr from Zurich
Train: 1hr10 from Zurich
Trail: 3 km round trip
Condition: wide flat dirt trail, obstacle free
Skill: easy
Open: mid June through mid October
More info: www.pizol.com  webcams


Here is the official Pizol panorama map. The hike goes from the top of the Pardiel-Laufboden lift to the top of the Gaffia-Pizolhütte lift and back. It doesn’t matter which direction you hike. I would recommend going up the lifts from Wangs to Pizolhütte, so on the way back down, you could stop at Furt and visit the Wasserwald, water play area (details at the end of this post). But you could also take the lifts from Bad Ragaz to Laufboden and stop at the Heidi trail on your way back down.

The path is about 1.5 km one way. It’s a relatively flat, wide dirt path, suitable for strollers.

In summer 2016, they offer “crossbuggies” to test. Looks fun! This picture is from the Pizol website.

At the top, there is a restaurant at Pizolhütte. There are restaurants and WCs at each middle station. There are no fire pits or wood, so better to bring a picnic.

In this area, I can also recommend:

  • Heidipfad trail – 4 km theme trail for children with interactive play stations
  • 5 Seen Wanderweg (5 Lake Hike) – 10 km tough hike to five gorgeous lakes, shorter alternative also described

Getting There

The Pizol Panoramaweg can be accessed by either the Pizol cable car in Wangs or Bad Ragaz. We prefer the one in Wangs so you can stop at the Wasserwald play area at the middle station on your way back down the mountain.

By car: Get yourself to the town of Wangs, taking exit 50-Sargans off the A3, then following signs to the Pizolbahn. There is a big parking lot, which is not metered during summer.

By transit: Take a train to Sargans, Bahnhof, then a bus to Wangs, Pizolbahn. The bus drops off at the far side of the Pizolbahn parking lot, a short walk from the cable car station. The bus runs about every 30 minutes.

Here is the parking lot and the elevator which takes you up to the Pizolbahn.

Opening Times & Schedule

The lifts are generally open from 8:15 – 17:30, with an hour break at lunchtime. The last ride down from the top at Pizolhütte is 16:00 and the last ride down from Furt is 17:30. Check website for current schedule.


This hike requires a simple return ticket from Wangs to Pizolhütte. Sample fare: 22 CHF for an adult with Halbtax. They also sell “family tickets”, which includes 2 adults and all children under 17. They accept SBB Halbtax and Junior Cards. They accept credit cards. Check website for current prices.

Trail Impressions

This picture shows the whole trail from Pizolhütte on the left to Laufboden on the right. I took this picture while on the 5 Lake Hike in 2016.

Riding up from Furt to Gaffia.

Looking up the mountain from Gaffia station.

The hut and restaurant at the top of the Pizolhütte lift. Great views from here even if you don’t feel like hiking. Last lift down from here 16:00.

Follow signs to “Laufboden Panoramaweg.”

The trail looks like this, basically a mild dirt road.

This panorama trail was recently redone, so the path is obstacle free, easy for little kids and strollers. We did this trail back in 2010, when the trail was a little more rough but the scenery the same. So here are some pics from back then. For pics of the new trail, see the Pizol website, which has an extensive photo gallery.

Here’s the little lake along the path. Of course, we spent a long time throwing rocks here.

The trail is short, so we spent most of our time relaxing and just enjoying the view.

We went a little off-trail to make things more interesting.

It’s a popular place for paragliding, so we enjoyed watching them take off for awhile.

Playground and Wasserwald at Furt

As I mentioned above, I recommend stopping at the Furt middle station on your way back down, where you’ll find restaurants and play areas with trampolines, swings, climbing stuff. Watch your time as the last cable car down from here is 17:30.

From the Furt middle station, it’s a two minute walk to Wasserwald, a water play area in the forest next to a river. There are a variety of water features to play with, as well as the river itself. There is also some play equipment.

There is a marble run, with marbles to purchase for 1 CHF. I recommend bringing your own.

A waterfall and sculptures.

At this station, you can pump water across the stream into the buckets, trying to fill them up.

A picnic area with a fire pit and wood.

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Beautiful panorama trail suitable for families with little kids and strollers. Playgrounds and water play for the kids after the hike. Pizol, Eastern Switzerland




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