Ebianum Baggermuseum

If you have a kid who loves construction, this is the place for you! This museum is dedicated to the construction company Eberhard. There is short walk through a museum of the older construction vehicles and the history of the company. The walk ends in a big open room with a large sandbox, several different ride-on construction vehicles for small kids (forklift, Bobby cars), a mechanical digger to play on, and lots of real trucks to climb on and in (this is at your own risk). Ideal for kids from 1 year to about 8-10 years.

Outside there is an old train car to climb on and an old tower to play under. It’s not going to fill up a whole day. But if you have young kids who love construction vehicles, this is an easy way to get them their fix, without standing outside of a building site.

There is a modern café where you can have a snack or an ice cream. We asked politely and were told it was ok to not pay the museum entrance and just play in the sandbox and eat in the café (we made a point to buy a couple coffees and ice creams, however it does appear picnic is allowed).

The nearby town of Kaiserstuhl (canton Aargau) is listed as a national heritage site and has a lovely old city to wander in.

Contributed by Stacy Streuli of Swiss Eats: Cooking in Switzerland

Müliwisstrasse 139, 5467 Fisibach

Wednesdays 13.30 – 17:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays 10 – 17:00

Entrance fee for museum tour
Children up to 6: free
Children 7 -16 years 10.00 CHF, Adults 15.00 CHF

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If you have a kid who loves construction, this is the place for you! This museum dedicated to the construction equipment, with lots of real trucks and tractors to climb on. North of Zurich Switzerland.

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