Mountain Hut with Kids: Lidernen Hut

The Lidernenhütte is a good choice for families with small children. It is only a 500 m walk from the top of the gondola to the hut. The hut is popular with families, so they are used to kids and there will likely be other families there making just as much noise as you will. There are a couple short walks from the hike, good for little hikers. The sunset view is wonderful.

Location:   Central Switzerland
Address: Chäppeliberg, Riemenstalden, Schweiz, Switzerland
GPS: 46°56’47.7″N 8°41’11.0″E
Car: ~1hr from Zurich
Train: no good connections, bus only runs twice a day
Trail: 500m to hut, 2-3km hikes from hut
Condition: rocky dirt alpine trails
Skill: easy
Open: year round, only weekends off season
More info:
online reservation possible

Getting to the hut

The hut is accessed from a cable car that runs from Chäppeliberg, Riemenstalden, in a valley just south of Brunnen. So drive towards Brunnen and continue south on Route 2. In Sisikon, take the road to the east up the valley toward Rosslaui and Riemenstalden. The Chäppeliberg cable car is near the end of the paved road.

At the top of the map, you can see the Chäppeliberg cable car station. At the bottom of the map, you see the walk to the hut, just 500 meters.

We visited the hut in 2012, so things may have changed since then. In 2012, it cost CHF 12/adult, CHF 4/child. I think we paid cash at the top of the cable car. I think the cable car runs on demand, so you call on the phone next to the car and they’ll send you up. But again, things may have changed. There will be instructions there.

The walk to the hut is only 500 m, easy walking. The path is a dirt path, probably passable with a stroller, but probably better to bring everything in backpacks.

The Hut

Here is the cozy hut with beautiful views.

Grassy spots for wandering behind the hut.

A swing set next to the hut.

Our beds, separated into three and four spaces, nice so my kids didn’t kick other guests while sleeping.

Shared meals – soup and pasta.

The toy box. This hut definitely expects families.

Rocks next to the hut. My kids tried to scramble on these, but be careful.

Sunset from the hut, my favorite part.

Hiking near the hut

We did two little hikes while staying at the hut. We walked to the Spilaufsee 3 km round trip, 130 m elevation gain. We also did a short early morning walk to a view point under the rock faces where people were rock climbing. This was less than 2 km round trip, with 180 m elevation gain.

Hike to Spilaufsee

Here is the hike to Spilaufsee, an easy 1.5 km to the lake.

Here’s the path, a lumpy rock path, not great for strollers.

The lake is lovely. I hear you can swim there on very hot days, though the water is always cold. You can walk all the way around if you like.


Great views from the trail.

Hike to Viewpoint

In the morning, we hiked east from the hut, up to a viewpoint where people go rock climbing. Here is the path, about 1 km to the view, mostly uphill so there was some complaining.

Here’s the rock. We saw a few people climbing that morning.

Views opposite the rock.

The trail is alternatively dirt, grass and loose rock, the later a bit tricky on the footing.

Here is the other side of that rock. We scrambled up to the crack between the rock and found a little cave.

Here’s the view on the other side of the hill. You can keep hiking from here but it’s a much longer hike than we wanted to do with the kids. So we just turned around and went back the way we came.

More of the view.

Here’s looking back toward the hut on our way back.

What a great outing for our family!


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