Corsica with Kids: Capo Pertusato

This short walk to the southernmost point of Corsica is nicer than you might expect. The hike starts on a paved road leading to the lighthouse, then veers off on a dirt path that leads down to a pretty beach and the big outcropping shown above. The landscape is very interesting and photogenic. There are lots of nooks and cranny to explore, but also some unguarded cliffs so keep the kiddies close to you.

Here is the trail map (click for a bigger version). The trail is a little over 1 km one way. It’s not difficult, but it has some steep downhill bits that can be tricky for little legs. Once you reach the big rock, you can climb up it for some interesting views.

Getting There

Drive toward Bonifacio.

As you pass the Bonifacio port, head left following signs to Pertusato, as shown on the map below. Take the D260 road to the end. There is some dirt parking where the road is blocked for main traffic. The trail starts on the paved road that leads to the lighthouse.

Trail Impressions

Before you reach the lighthouse, you’ll see this sign and the trail to Capo Pertusato is below you.

Starting the trail down.

Rocky and dusty.

A little windy beach, very nice sand.

Feels like a desert.

We climbed up the rock to get a view.

Looking toward Bonifacio.

Zoom in.

There are some unmarked cliffs that just drop off into the ocean, so keep the kids on the close watch.

Heading back on the road.

There are a couple little dirt detours to the edge of the cliffs for some nice views.

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