Corsica with Kids: Palombaggia Beach

All the beaches on our Corsica vacation were wonderful, but Palombaggia was probably the most famous. People rave about Palombaggia and rightly so. The crystal clear water is dreamy. The white sand beach is so long you can’t see the end of it. Red rocks line the edges of the beach, great for climbing and exploring tide pools. The beach is surrounded by forest instead of hotels, so it has a wild feeling even if it’s crowded. There’s even a big parking lot (for a fee during high season) so it’s not too difficult to access.

The map below shows the Palombaggia beach which technically contains all the beach shown below, from #1 to #7. I’ll refer to the numbers on the pictures below. Although #5 and #6 are technically part of Palombaggia, I refer to them as Tamaricciu, which is the nature preserve behind the beach. Info about Tamaricciu at the bottom of this post.

To get here, use the map below. You could plug 41°33’36.4″N 9°20’10.3″E into your GPS.

The parking near #1, shaded under the trees. It’s free off season, about 10 euros per day in season.

Parking is at #1 and set up our stuff near there. The beach was nice there and it was close to the tide pools and rocks that my kids liked exploring. The water is shallow, so good for little kids. It didn’t have proper waves while we were there but it got rough in the afternoon as the wind picked up.

A view of this beach in the evening.

This is one of the cafes near #1: drinks, ice cream, pizza, sandwiches.

The longest section #2 is a big sandy beach about 2 km long with a couple of cafes, but mostly wild. It can get really windy because it’s wide open.

Fun to explore even when its too cold to swim.

Jumping around on another section of ocean rocks.

These are the rocks and tide pools at #3, right next to the beach. We were happy to have water shoes so we could jump around these rocks and look at the creatures. We saw a huge sea cucumber, lots of sea anemones, little crabs and fish.

We loved exploring along the coastline at #4.

There are some smaller beaches and little coves in between the rocks.

While technically still part of Palombaggia beach, Tamaricciu is separated by two rocky peninsulas enclosing the little cove, #5 and #6 on the map above. It has sandy beaches and a few services. It’s harder to access because it doesn’t have a big public parking lot. There is some street parking up the hill on the main road. Then you have to walk on a trail through the brush a few minutes to the beach. We were there in the evening as the sun was setting, so my pictures are a bit moody. You can see more pictures on Trip Advisor.

Here’s a view of the beach from the road where we parked.

The trail down to the beach.

The beach, quite empty at 19:00 off season, but certainly packed during summer.

At the west end of this beach, you can scramble up the rocks into the brush and see over the hill to another part of Palombaggia, #7 on my map above. We wandered around in the brush, hoping to see something interesting, but we just got scratched by prickly bushes and bit by mosquitoes. Not recommended.

Looking east from the west end of the beach.

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