Corsica with Kids: Capo Rosso Hike

Hiking was a priority for our Corsica vacation. But many hikes in thie Porto Corsica area are too long with too much elevation gain for our crew. Happily this hike to Capo Rosso was just the right length and difficulty for us, with spectacular views in every direction. It was about 6 km round trip, with a steep climb at the end. I was huffing and puffing but my kids scrambled up like mountain goats. We saw a couple other families with little kids too, so I feel confident in recommending it to you.

This route hikes along one side of the ridge, then ascends to the top of the cliffs at the end of the peninsula. Below you are the Calanche di Piana sea cliffs, which you can tour by boat. The trail is about 3 km one way, gradually going down 500 m, then quickly back up 500 m to the top. You can see the ocean on both sides. No picnic areas and no fires (too dry).

Here is the trail map. Click for an interactive version with more details.

Now some pics of the trail. Here we are near the start of the trail. The trail goes down for the first 3 km before going up to the cliffs.

Looking south.

Looking south again.

Peeking over the cliffs to the north. I scrambled off the trail a bit to get this view.

Looking back where we started, in that saddle in the distance.

Heading up.

Here’s the big climb up to the top of that cliff.

The path was a little difficult to spot on the rock.

At the top. You can climb some stairs to go to the top of the tower.

View from the top, looking east toward Porto – well worth the effort.

Now go back the way you came and send pics to your friends and family.

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