Corsica with Kids: Bonifacio Cliff Walk

Bonifacio is an old town built on the cliffs at the southern most tip of Corsica, looking toward Sardinia. We didn’t spend much time in town, but instead enjoyed the views along the nearby cliffs, which are spectacular. I had hoped to do the full hike, but we only had time to wander a bit while watching the sun set over Bonifacio, which was still wonderful.

Here is the trail map. The walk begins on the east side of the old town, following a rocky walkway on the headlands along the cliffs. The path I marked below is 2 km one way, but it’s not necessary to walk the whole thing to enjoy this area. It’s easy walking but the path is quite lumpy, not suitable for strollers.

The port of Bonifacio.

Walking up to the cliff trail.

Looking back to Bonifacio.

Stairs leading down from Bonifacio to the ocean.

Little rocky beach below the cliffs. No swimming but lots of sea glass to collect.


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