Vogelpark Steinen: Bird Park

Vogelpark Steinen Sudschwarzwald is a bird park, with lots of fun, interactive stuff for kids. It’s exactly what you might expect – lots of birds, touristy, cheesy animal show – but it’s totally awesome for kids that are studying birds at school, like mine was. The birds were beautiful and there were many varieties and my 7 yr old loved telling me everything he had learned about them at school. My 11 yr old got to participate in the bird show and caught an eagle on his arm. Yikes! There’s a big playground, picnic areas with fire pits, lots of room to run around. You can even feed monkeys bananas. I felt a little like I was going back to the animal parks of my childhood, with the small enclosures and focus more on the tourists than the people. But we had really fun time and we plan to go again and take some friends along.

Location:   Southern Germany, near Basel
Car: 1hr30 from Zurich
Train: 2hr from Zurich
Open: March through November
More info: www.vogelpark-steinen.de


Here is part of the park map (click to view map on their website). I would plan for at least 4 hours at the park, including see the bird show and feed the monkeys, each of which happen twice a day.

You can bring your own food or eat a cafe. They have lots of picnic tables and even grill pits.

Getting There

By car: drive to Steinen, Germany then north on Talstrasse, turning left on L136. You will see signs and a big parking lot for Vogelpark Steinen.

By public transport: take a train to Basel, then a train to Steinen, Germany. Then the 7305 bus to the “Hofen(Steinen Kr Lörrach) Vogelpark” bus stop. Check online for schedules and current details.


Here is the entrance to the park. Clearly they are set up for big crowds on summer weekends, but it was practically empty during spring break at the end of April.

Most of the park is full of big open spaces for the birds, with walking paths along the edges.

Info for the birds found in each enclosure (german only). My boys wished they had brought binoculars for some of the little birds that were far away.

Most of the birds of prey are in small enclosures shown below.

Some birds of prey are in the open but tethered to their posts.

The little colorful birds are in more open enclosures as shown below.

There is an info board for each bird but in German only.

There is a bird room where the parakeets and other small birds fly around you. My 7 year old was scared and ran out and wouldn’t come back. My 11 year old learned to like having the birds land on him and feed them out of his hand. There is a dispenser for bird feed (50 euro cents for a small handful) so you can feed the birds.

There is an indoor bird exhibit with educational info, migration maps, eggs, bird illustrations and figurines, etc.

There is a little box full of baby chicks, but not for holding. So hard not to cuddle them!

Bird Show

The bird show was a highlight for my kids. They do the show twice a day at 11:00 and 15:00 and it lasts about 45 minutes. The commentary was in German, so I didn’t learn to much. But the birds were pretty. The birds fly right over your heads lots of times. That made my boys pretty nervous and they sometimes hid under the benches.

Since only about 10 people were at the show, my son was picked to participate, which never happens to us. He got to catch the hawk and feed it. So cool!

We loved watching these birds in action.

Birds of all kinds and colors, including turkeys.

Feed the Monkeys

There is also a monkey enclosure, with lots of warnings about how to avoid getting attacked or injured by the monkeys. My 7 year old refused to go in based on scary photos. I was little nervous but it was fine. It’s only open twice a day at 12:00 and 16:00, so plan accordingly. Check the website for current times and details.

The monkey are very aggressive, not friendly, just determined to get the food out of your hand. But it was kinda fun. My son got scratched on his leg when a monkey was trying to get his attention. The monkeys fight with each other, chasing them away so they can monopolize the food. There weren’t many people when we were there, so it was easy to keep getting more food from the staff to feed the monkeys, mostly bananas and popcorn. We felt covered with germs afterwards and hurried to the nearby bathrooms to wash and sanitize our hands and arms.

There are a few other animals besides birds, like this wallaby.

Also a goat enclosure, where you can pet and feed them.

Play and Picnics

A couple playgrounds and a big picnic area with grill pits.

You can bring your own food in or eat at the cafe.

There was a little barefoot path, with a stream to cool off your feet afterwards.

Fun bird park for the kids, with lots of beautiful birds, a bird show, bird and monkey feeding, playgrounds, etc. - Steinen, Germany near Basel, SwitzerlandDon’t forget to Pin this for later…

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