Thur Waterfalls

The Thur waterfalls are tucked away in a little valley, but close to town and easy to access. After a short walk along a river from Unterwasser, there is an elevated walkway built into the cliffs, so you can walk above the river and access a couple different lookouts over the falls. You can also walk to the top of the falls, through a tunnel, with some stairs.  This is a nice add-on the Toggenburg Tone Trail or Thur River Hike.

Location:   Eastern Switzerland
Car: ~1hr30 from ZH
Train: ~2hr from ZH
Trail: 10 mins to falls, longer trails in area
Condition: smooth dirt to falls, stairs along falls
Skill: easy
Open: April thru November
More info:


The walk starts near the Coop, dips between some house to reach the river, and follows the river up to the falls. It takes about 10 minutes and is easy walking. I’d leave the stroller behind; small children should be able to walk it without problems.

If you fancy a long hike, there is an 8 km trail from Unterwasser to Wildhaus that passes by the falls.

Getting There

Drive or take a bus to Unterwasser. There is free parking lot near the Coop. The bus drops off in Unterwasser near where the trail starts. Follow the brown trail signs to Thurwasserfälle.

Here’s the free parking area near Coop, with a view of Säntis in the distance.

Here’s the start of the trail following the river.

Do not cross the bridge but do take a picture.

Keep following the river up the valley. Eventually the path turns into an elevated walkway with a fence. There is a fire pit and picnic area next to the river before you start on the walkway. We were there the last weekend in March when the water level was low and the river was practically empty. But it was still pretty. Below are the first falls you’ll see. A local told us that in summer these first falls are much smaller.

Even though the big waterfalls weren’t running yet, there were a few small falls that were so pretty. We’ll have to go back in May to see it in full force.

The path forks and leads through a tunnel with stairs to a lookout at the top part of the falls.

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