Tremorgio Lake

Tremorgio is a small mountain lake just south of the Gotthard tunnel. There is a short walk along the lake, big grassy areas for running around, and lots of places to build a fire and have a picnic. There are a couple waterfalls and rivers flowing into the lake, which makes fun places to jump around and throw rocks. We love this place and hope you do too.

Location:   Ticino Switzerland
Address: Nucleo Rodi 2, 6772 Prato (Leventina)
Car: 1hr40 from Zurich
Parking GPS: 46°29’23.3″N 8°44’10.4″E
Train: 2hr40 from Zurich HB, CHF 53.60 Adult Half-fare
Bus Stop: Rodi, colonia Von Mentlen
Trail: 3km round trip
Condition: dirt path, not suitable for strollers
Skill: easy
Open: early June to early October
Cost 2016: cable car CHF 20 adult, CHF 7 child
Services: restaurant
More info:


You take a cable car up, then just a couple minutes walk to reach the lake. The trail is an unmarked path along the lake shore but unfortunately not all the way around. So you’ll just walk there and back, about 3 km round trip. The path is not suitable for strollers, but we were able to use our stroller for about half of the trail. After that it was too rocky, so we ditched the stroller and continued on foot. There is a restaurant near the cable car station. There are other more difficult trails leaving from this point.

Click the map for a larger interactive version.

Getting There

By car: Drive to Rodi-Fiesso on the south side of the Gotthard tunnel using the below map. Follow signs to the Tremorgio cable car. Park in the adjacent lot. Takes about 1h35min unless there is traffic at the tunnel.

By public transport: Take a train to Faido, then a bus to Rodi, colonia Von Mentlen, then a 300m walk to the cable car. Note: If you take the connection through Bellinzona, it is faster but much more expensive.

Click map for a larger interactive version.

Operating Times & Tickets

The cable car operates from early June to early October, from about 7:30 to 19:00. Return ticket CHF 20 adult, CHF 7 child. I don’t think they accept Half-fare or Junior cards. It’s a small operation so it might be cash only.

Trail Details

From the cable car station, walk straight out to the lake. Don’t follow the yellow trail signs that point right and left.

Before you get to the lake, you’ll pass this restaurant.

It has a great view and a few years ago, the food was great. I hope it hasn’t changed.

Here’s the first view you’ll have of the lake.

The first part of the lake has big grassy areas and plenty of room to run around and throw rocks into the lake. It’s too cold for swimming.

There isn’t a marked trail around the lake, but there is a well-worn foot path. Just follow that. It goes mostly around the lake but eventually the mountain gets steep and the trail disappears.

At the far side of the lake, there’s a stream flowing into the river. Our boys had a good time playing in the icy water.

After this point, the path gets very rocky. Definitely no strollers after this point. We left ours on the other side of the river.

Both times we’ve gone in early July and there was some snow still around the lake. We had to walk over some snow packs. It’s possible that when you go, the snow will prevent you from walking very far.

As you wrap around the lake, you reach another grassy area. There are not official fire pits, but other hikers have built some that you can use.

We stopped our hike at this waterfall and river.

Here’s the river flowing into the lake. It’s a little tricky to walk across the river. I’d recommend river shoes that can get wet and you’ll need to help your kids so they don’t fall in.

We tried to follow the trail after this point, but the vegetation got really thick and we lost the trail. So just turn around and go back the way you came.

Wild Camping

We saw some people camping in tents and we got excited. They said they asked for permission at the restaurant. So we came back the next year and did the same. It was fun to “wild camp” for a change, instead of camping at the big Euro-style trailer park campgrounds. There was no water or toilets when the restaurant was closed, so plan ahead. Also, the cable car shuts down at 19:00, so if you have an emergency after that, tough luck.

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