10 Swiss Hikes Suitable for Strollers

It’s so nice to have the option of bringing a stroller on the trail, not only to carry my child but also all the gear and picnic stuff we like to bring. I love that Switzerland has lot of  “obstacle-free” routes, not just for strollers but also for wheelchairs, so everyone can enjoy the great outdoors, even pregnant mamas with swollen feet. Here are some of our favorites, with quick links at the top and longer descriptions below. Enjoy!

What kind of stroller should you use?

When I say “suitable for strollers”, I mean a sturdy all-terrain stroller with big knobby tires that can maneuver over gravel and lumpy dirt paths. I’ve seen all kinds of flimsy strollers on the trail, but that is much more work than its worth. If you plan to hike frequently with your stroller, I recommend investing in a stroller suited for hiking. We had a BOB Sport Stroller with a fixed front tire and it survived dozens of trails, many quite unsuitable for strollers.

Quick Links to Stroller Hikes

Click a pic to see a full review of the hike. I have also short descriptions of each of these hikes below.

1. Flumserberg Flower Trail

This little stroll was the first hike we ever did in Switzerland with our then 2 year old. This short 2 km loop was just right for his little legs, a good introduction to a lifetime of hiking with his family. The views were big, the flowers plentiful, and the cows friendly. A few years later we took his great grandmother on this same walk and it was just her speed. Read more…

2. Stoos Fronalpstock Panorama Trail

This Panoramaweg is a 1.5 km loop, starting along the cliffs overlooking Lake Luzern, then looping back through the fields back to the chair lift. The path is wide and groomed dirt, suitable for even lightweight strollers. There’s a small playground and picnic area at the start of the hike, right on the edge of the cliffs, but fenced in for safety. You have to take a chair lift up, but the staff will safely hook your stroller on to a separate chair. This is our top choice for taking visitors. Read more…

3. Hoch Ybrig

We can’t decide if we love Hoch Ybrig more in summer or winter; it’s great in all seasons. We love this ridge trail, where the views are so dreamy. The kids like this trail because it’s all downhill and easy walking. The trail is smooth and just fine with strollers. At the bottom, there are a couple playgrounds, restaurants and a nice fire pit by a pond if you fancy a picnic. This one also requires a chair lift, but the staff is helpful loading and unloading a folded stroller. Read more…

4. Pizol Heidi Trail

This Heidi theme trail has play stations along the way to help motivate your child to keep walking. The kids get a little trail passport that they stamp along the way as they complete the stations. It’s not a difficult trail, but little legs can get tired over the 4 km. So it’s nice to have a stroller along in case they need a break. There are lots of play areas, several restaurants and picnic areas along the way. Read more…

5. Rigi Panorama Trail

A mountain train brings you up to the tippy-top of Rigi Kulm, where you can admire amazing panoramic views without hiking a bit. But we like to walk as well. So instead of riding down, you can push your stroller along this smooth dirt path down as far as you care to walk, as little as 1 km to the next train stop or as much as 9 km to the end of the Rigi Panorama trail, where there is a big playground with trampolines, slides and swings. Read more >>>

6. Elm Giants Trail

This Riesenwald, aka “Giants Forest,” theme trail at Elm is great for children of all sizes, with more than a dozen play stations, including a giant xylophone, a mini suspension bridge, trampolines, and much more. The trail is short at 2km and easy walking on a wide dirt path suitable for strollers. It’s also very inexpensive compared to other mountains but still spectacularly beautiful. Read more >>>

7. Engstligenalp

After riding up a cable car past an amazing waterfall, you reach an enormous, strangely flat alpine valley surrounded by impressive snowy peaks. There is an easy stroller-friendly path circling the valley, passing over a few streams and through a boulder parkour course. There’s lots of room for the kids to safely run around, while you admire the view. Read more >>>

8. Toggenburg Tone Trail

This is a classic theme trail for children, where every few minutes along the trail you’ll find a different musical “instrument” for the kids to clank, bang and make lots of noise with. The full path is long at 6km but since it’s suitable for strollers, this is a great one to train your kids to walk, giving them a break in the stroller when they need it. Read more >>>

9. Trübsee

This easy family hike around a lake has a big playground and some fun play stations along the way. This is a great choice for smaller children that are learning to hike, as the trail is short and suitable for strollers. The setting is spectacular, at the beautiful Trübsee lake below the Titlis mountain peaks. You can combine this with a visit to the top of Titlis, to walk on a glacier, visit the ice caves and admire in the panoramas. Read more >>>

10. Grindelwald Bachalp Lake

The lovely Bachalp lake is a perfect place for a picnic, where you can admire the Bernese mountain peaks reflected in the still waters. After riding up a series of cable cars, it’s an hour walk on a dirt road suitable for strollers to reach the lake. After the hike, make sure to stop at the middle station to enjoy a great playground with amazing views. Read more >>>

11. Pigniu Reservoir and Waterfalls

This is one of our favorite lakes, with big waterfalls spilling off the surrounding cliffs and running down river to the lake. The east side of the lake is a dirt road suitable for strollers, leading to the picnic area with plenty of room to run around and throw rocks into the river. Read more >>>

12. Melchsee Frutt mountain resort

This trail is good for those who want to enjoy the alps, but don’t want to walk very much. Instead of walking there and back, you can take a little tourist train to the far end of the trail, then leisurely walk back along the lakes. The train has room to transport folded up strollers and the path is flat and smooth, no problems. If you want to cut your trip short, you just catch the train back from one of the stops along the way. There’s a big playground back at the cable car station as a reward for little walkers. Read more >>>

> See even more stroller trails here

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