Closest ski resort for Zurich families – Hoch Ybrig

Now that are kids are confident skiers, we love Hoch Ybrig, both for the fun slopes and great views. We also love that it’s so close to Zurich and doesn’t require driving up a winding mountain road. Our kids love the “racing track” which is a little trail with turns and jumps. As parents, we love the wide open slopes with ungroomed powder fields between the groomed pistes. While the kids stay on the groomed intermediate slopes, us parents can snowboard right next to them on mogels and untracked powder. However, we don’t like the main Hoch Ybrig resort for beginner skiers because even the blue run is quite steep and can be difficult and dangerous for beginners that can’t reliably control their speed.

Location:   Central Switzerland
Address: Weglosen, SZ, CH
GPS: 46°54’48.7″N 9°09’46.0″E
Car: ~50mins from ZH
Train: ~1hr30 from ZH
Suitable for: advanced beginners to advanced
Lift type: cable car to reach resort
chair lifts and drag lifts in resort
Sample Prices 2016: 53 CHF adult, 30 CHF kids
Half-day discount: afternoon only
More info: – webcams – piste map

Getting There

The Hoch Ybrig ski resort is at the top of big gondola in Weglosen. At the gondola station, buy your tickets and ride up the big gondola to access the main resort. There can be a long line on weekend mornings but the crowds spread out a bit at the top.

By car: Drive to Weglosen and parking the big parking structure (not metered).

By transit: take a train to Einsiedeln, then a bus to Weglosen. The bus drops immediately in front of the cable car station.


Below is a subset of the full piste map. We spend most of our time on the Sternen lift on the far left, sking down run #3 and the red “race track” shown with the jumping snowboarder icon.

I know kids that have learned to ski here, but I would rather take my kids somewhere else. There is a small tow rope and bunny hill near the bottom of the Sternen lift, which is fine for absolute beginners. But there’s not a good hill at the next level, when they are just learning to snow plow and have little control. If you ride up the chair, it’s a pretty steep hill at the top, definitely intermediate in my opinion though it’s marked blue. I had to help my sweet 5 year old down that first section every time and we had some scary crashes when he lost control and sped down the mountain not being able to stop.

There is a blue run at Hoch Ybrig Laucheren, but it’s quite far from the main skiing area and lower elevation. There are beginner runs with tow ropes at nearby Oberiberg, but it’s not connected to the Hoch Ybrig resort. Not really practical.

They have plenty of restaurants as marked on the map. The cafe at Spirstock is relatively new, comfortable with great views. The food is typical Swiss self-service fare, but decent.

There were no picnic areas that I could see, so we sometimes just sit on the snow near Seebli and eat sandwiches. Since you have to ride the big cable car up from the valley in Weglosen to reach the resort, so you can’t easily go back to your car for supplies or a rest. They do have lockers up top, but they are usually all full. I just brought a backpack with snacks and left it near the cable car station with all the other backpacks piled up by the wall.

Hoch Ybrig is mostly open with no trees, so it can be very challenging in bad weather since you only have the poles on the sides of the pistes for reference. I’d avoid this place during a whiteout.

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