Grimmialp Panorama and Theme Trail

Grimmialp is a lovely hidden gem in the Diemtigtal National Park, about 50 mins south of Bern. We rode up a chair lift, then hiked a beautiful panorama trail that connected to a theme trail in the valley, with a dozen or so interactive stations for children, including a zip line, climbing wall, bowling, memory game, etc. After ten years in this country, I love how there are still so many new places to discover. We loved Grimmialp and hope you do too.

Location:   Bernese Oberland
Address: Egg 82, 3757 Schwenden, Canton Bern, Switzerland
Car: ~2hr from Zurich
Train: ~2h45 from Zurich HB, 3 connections
Trail: 4 km loop theme trail or 8km one way panorama
Condition: dirt
Skill: easy to moderate
Price: One way hiking ticket: Adult CHF 12, Child CHF 6, under 6 free.
Open: early July thru early October
More info: – webcam

Trail Overview

There are several trail options in the Grimmialp area, as shown on the map below.

Panorama Trail

We did the Grimmialp Panorama trail (#13 on map above), which starts at the top of the Grimmialp chair lift, skirts along alpine meadows with wide panorama views, then descends into the valley along a river and joins up with the Grimmimutz theme trail described briefly below. My detailed trail story below will cover this panorama trail. It’s about 8km long and took us about 2hr30 walking time, though we spent all day on the trail.

Grimmimutz Theme Trail

The Grimmimutz theme trail starts a little further up the valley from the bottom of the chair lift and does a 4km loop up the valley, near the river. There are 10 or so stations along the trail, some with games like memory, some with puzzles to solve, some with play equipment like a zip line and climbing wall. There is an entrance fee of 4chf/adult, 2chf/child payable at the info booth at the beginning of the trail. They sell picture story books, CDs, and other items that go along with the Grimmimutz story that is told on story boards along the trail (German only). This trail is easy and could easily be done by children as young as 3 years old. The trail is not suitable for strollers, but there are two “stroller trails”along the river which are outlined in a brochure available at the info booth. This trail is open year round, but is officially maintained from middle May through early October.

The map below is from the Grimmimutz brochure available at the info booth at the entrance to the trail.

Getting There

Get yourself to Grimmialp as shown in the map below. Park in the metered lot near the Grimmialp chair lift. If you are just doing the children’s Grimmimutz play trail, without the chair lift, you can drive a little further down the road to the parking lot near the trail entrance.

By public transportation, you’ll need to take trains to Oey-Diemtigen, then a bus to Grimmialp, about a 2hr45 journey from Zurich. This bus only runs every two hours, so it’s a little tricky. Make sure you study the schedule before planning your trip.

On the trail

The chair lift as seen from the parking lot. To reach the panorama trail, buy one-way tickets on the chair lift and ride up. The chair lift is open from 10:00-16:00, weekends in good weather, from early July through early October. Check website for latest details.

View from the chair lift.

Starting the trail.

Dipping in the forest a bit.

Fall colors.

Great spot for a family portrait.

Heading down the valley, into the forest.

Connecting to the Grimmimutz theme trail, at the bowling station.

Climbing wall.

Picnic spot by the river.

Water tower, another play station on the Grimmimutz trail.

More fall colors.

Zip line.

Memory game.

Fire pits and picnic table next to the memory game.

A big picnic area with fire pits near the entrance of the Grimmimutz trail.

The entrance to the Grimmimutz theme trail, near the parking lot. This was the end of the trail for us, but the beginning if you are just doing the Grimmimutz trail. You’ll pay your entrance fee here. They have lots of brochures and free trail maps here.

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