10 Reasons Kids Love Switzerland

10 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Switzerland

Over the years, I’ve given advice to many people thinking of moving to Switzerland. Everyone worries whether their kids will be happy here. It can be complicated with language, culture and schooling. But there are so many things that kids will love about life here. Here’s a short list of the things my kids love the most and we hope yours do too!

1. theme trails like the Toggenburg Tone Trail with 20+ musical installations along the trail. See all theme trails.

2. swimming outside at local favorites like Zurich Mythenquai or beautiful alpine lakes like Caumasee

3. crazy playgrounds, freestyle parks and pumptracks

4. ropes courses like Atzmännig or Flumersberg

5. summer toboggan runs like Pradaschier (7 mins long!), Atzmännig or Sattel Hochstuckli

6. interactive museums like Technorama and Luzern Transportation Museum

7. indoor water parks like Säntispark (St. Gallen) with wild water slides and wave pools and thermal baths like Sole Uno with hot and cold pools.

photo from Säntispark website

8. winter fun on long sled runs like the 4km run at Elm, ice skating on disco rinks like the Dolder or frozen lakes like the Türlersee, and sleigh rides like in Davos

9. skiing and snowboarding on local slopes like Flumserberg or Hoch Ybrig or famous resorts like Zermatt or Jungfrau Region

10. special holiday traditions like the Samiclaus and Christmas markets, Sechselauten parade and burning snowman, turnip lantern parades, fireworks on New Year’s Eve and Aug 1, and many others




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  1. Your family sure knows how to have fun in Switzerland 🙂
    Of all the acivities I like the seasonal ones best. There is also a local Zurich holiday in September, “Chnabeschüüse” a shooting competition for kids. I don’t care for the weapons, but there are tons of food stands and fairground rides!

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