Sattel Hochstuckli Family Hikes & Bouncy Castles

This mountain resort has lots of attractions for kids, including a huge bouncy castle complex, toboggan run, and a long suspension bridge. Among several hiking options, the panorama trail is particularly nice, with stunning views and a series of interactive educational stations for the kids. Since it’s at a lower elevation than most resorts, it’s summer season starts very early, in mid-April and runs through early November. Since it’s so close to Zurich, you could even go for a Wednesday afternoon after school. It’s a nice resort in winter too, with a long sled run into the valley. See my Sattel in Winter post for details.

Location:   Central Switzerland
Address: Eumatt, 6417 Sattel, SZ-CH
Car: ~40 mins from ZH
Parking GPS: 47.078528, 8.635008
Train: 1hr10 from Zurich HB to Sattel-Aegeri + 550m walk to cable car
Adult half-fare return CHF 27
Trail: 5.4km loop, ~2 hours
Condition: dirt, gravel, paved – obstacle free
Skill: moderate
Services: cafes, bouncy castle complex, toboggan run, theme trails
Open: late April to early Nov
Prices 2017: Cable car return and bouncy castle day pass:
Adults CHF 26, Children CHF 18
Children under 6 ride cable car for free, CHF 7 for bouncy castle
Other combos and family passes on website.
More info:


From the town of Sattel, you’ll take the cable car up to Mostel. That’s where you’ll find the bouncy castles and the toboggan run (extra fee for both).

It’s a short walk from the top to the suspension bridge and you can loop around through the forest if you want a bit of walk. The trail is ok for strollers, but no strollers allowed on the bridge itself.

There are various trail options. We did the RUNDweg Engelstock, a 5.4 km loop shown on the map below (click for detail). It has sweeping views of the surrounding peaks like Rigi and Mythen peaks. The first half of the trail has interactive stations for kids. There are at least two picnic areas with grill pits on the trail. We hiked this in late July on a hot day and should have brought more water. The trail is also open in winter as a groomed winter walk.

Getting There

By car: Drive to Sattel in Switzerland and follow signs to the Hochstuckli Revolving Gondola. There is a big free parking lot next to the gondola.

By public transport: The shortest route, with the least connections, is taking a train to Arth-Goldau, then the S31 train to Sattel-Aegeri. Then a 10 min walk to the cable car station.


At a minimum, you’ll need a return trip ticket for the cable car, but you will probably purchase one of the “Adventure Combos” packages,  which include the bouncy castle complex and/or toboggan run.

Typically we buy a gondola return ticket for the adults CHF 26 and the bouncy castle complex for the kids CHF 18. To include unlimited toboggan runs, the child pass would cost CHF 33.

There are reductions on the cable car for SBB Halbtax, so show that card when buying for tickets and they’ll apply any discount.

Full price details are on their website.

Bouncy Castle Complex

At the top of the gondola, you’ll find the bouncy castle complex, the toboggan run, a restaurant and a kiosk. If you didn’t buy tickets below, you can buy them here, including single rides on the toboggan run. Entrance to the bouncy castle complex is free for one supervising adult. There are also benches just outside the bouncy complex, under umbrellas. My 9 and 6 year old didn’t need my help, so I wish I had brought a book to read while I waited. They could have stayed all day. On very hot days, the bouncy plastic can also get very hot and unpleasant. So we try to hit the bouncy castle early in the day, then go hiking.

Toboggan Run

The toboggan run is 600m long and pretty fun. It costs CHF 4.50 for one ride so if you plan to ride more than once, it’s better to buy a combo package. Children under 6 ride free when riding with an adult.

On the Trail – Panoramaweg & Erlebnispfad

The trail has a few labels; although the promo material called it RUNDweg Engelstock, the yellow trail signs sometimes said Panoramaweg and Erlebnispfad. From the gondola, follow the road/path to your right/southwest. When the road ends and trail splits, take the right fork that wraps around the hill and heads into the forest. Below is the start of the trail.

The trail enters the forest and passes a couple picnic spots with fire pits and wood.

There are several interactive stations along the trail, including the little barefoot path.

At this station, you look through each spy-glass and try to spy the animal cutout in the woods. The kids will need help to reach each one.

After leaving the forest, you’ll get this view.

My kids loved this hamster wheel that makes a tune while it spins and hits a series of bells.

After about 1.3 km, you’ll pass this restaurant. The trail forks here, stay to your left.

Look to your right and you’ll get this view of Rigi.

Back in the forest, you’ll see a few bizarre sculptures.

Another educational station below, where you can listen to nature through this megaphone, or something like that. The trail starts to climb at this point and my boys got really tired in the heat. The shady parts were in short supply for awhile.

As you round the bend, you’ll see view of the Mythen peaks.

At about 2.8 km, you’ll pass a farm that has a cooler filled with yogurt and milk drinks. We were so happy to come across this and guzzled down a few strawberry milks while relaxing in the shade. There’s just a change box, so bring some coins to drop in.

Here’s the highest point of the trail at 3.4 km.

It’s all downhill from here, through the valley on a road back to the gondola.

At about 4.1 km, you’ll find this fire pit with wood.

This picture shows the valley you’re walking through as seen from the gondola.

Right after you pass the Herrenboden lift in the valley, a smaller trail breaks off to the right, leading to the suspension bridge. This trail is called the BrückenRUNDweg. Strollers can do the trail, but you can’t take strollers over the bridge, so you’d need to continue on the road back to the gondola. Below is the suspension bridge. Nothing with wheels is allowed on the bridge, I think because it’s quite narrow and can only handle one lane traffic. The suspension bridge leads back to the gondola.

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Lots of family fun at this summer mountain resort: bouncy castles, alpine slide, suspension bridge, theme trail, and panorama views.

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