Mürren Flower Trail

This easy trail starts with a big playground and beautiful alpine flower garden with 150 varieties. Then the trail leads down through fields and forest back to Mürren. It’s a good choice for families that want to hike while admiring the big famous peaks of the Eiger, Jungfrau and Mönch. It was one of our first experiences in the alps back in 2006 and it’s still a favorite.  

Location:   Jungfrau Region
Address: Lengwald 300B, 3824 Stechelberg CH
GPS: 46°33’18.8″N 7°54’08.1″E
Car: 1hr50 from Zurich
Train: 2hr40 from Zurich
Trail: ~2km one way, ~1hr
Condition: dirt alpine trail
Skill: easy
Open: July through October
More info:


This trail starts at the top Allmendhübel funicular and leads back down to Mürren. At the start of the trail, there is the huge “Flower Park” playground, where your kids will definitely want to spend a lot of time playing before heading out on the trail. The Flower Trail is a short loop above the playground, displaying 150 different varieties of alpine flowers. Then you can hike back down to Mürren either on the road or a nice dirt path through fields and forest. Either way the trail is a little over 2km and should take about an hour. The dirt path is not stroller-friendly, as the trail is mostly a narrow, lumpy, dirt or grass path. It’s mostly downhill, so it won’t be difficult for children that are confident hikers.

The trail I’ve marked out above is a dirt path, not suitable for strollers. The official path, shown below, follows the road and can be done with strollers. The orange loop is the Flower Trail near the playground.

Official website   |   Panorama Map   |    Other hiking trails from Allmendhubel

The free trail map you get onsite, shown below, is not very detailed and annoyingly small. So use my maps above.

Getting There

By car: Drive to Lauterbrunnen and continue up the valley to the Stechelberg and the Schilthorn gondola. Park in the metered lot next to the gondola.

By transit: Take a train to Lauterbrunnen, then a bus to Stechleberg, Schilthorn. The bus drops off directly at the gondola station.


Buy return tickets to Mürren. The trip is relatively affordable, particularly compared to other activities in the region. In 2015, adult return trip to Mürren is CHF 35 full price, CHF 17.50 with Halbtax. Children with SBB Junior cards ride free. In Mürren, you will buy a separate ticket to ride up the Allmendhubel funicular, which is not covered by your Mürren gondola ticket. More about that below.

If you like, you can first ride up to Schilthorn to admire the view and do the activities up there, then stop in Mürren on your way back down. The return ticket includes on and off privileges at each stop along the way. However this return ticket is much more expensive, about CHF 100 for a full price adult.

Trail Details

To access the trail, ride the gondola to Mürren and exit the gondola. Walk a couple minutes through town, following signs to Allmendhubel funicular station. It runs about every 15 minutes and will take you up to the Flower Park and the trailhead. Buy a single ticket here (about 7CHF) for the funicular since you will be hiking back to Mürren instead of riding back down. More price details here.

At the top of the funicular, you’ll find a restaurant and big playground, aka Flower Park (see my post for more details).

To access the Flower Trail loop, walk on the dirt path above the playground. It’s one of the only places you can see Edelweiss, even though it is a Swiss icon.

When you are ready to walk down to Mürren, first follow the Mountain-View trail, which heads away from the valley and towards the peaks shown in the picture below. Take the left fork when the trail splits.

The trail winds to your left and down, joining the road at Restaurant Sonnenberg. In 2006, the food was typical mountain fare, nothing special. But they did have ice cream sundaes and a great view.

Follow the road for a couple minutes until the trail splits off to the right through a field. You should see a sign for the Children’s Adventure Trail.

Lots of flowers in mid-July.

The trail dips in and out of the forest.

In the forest, you’ll find the “adventure” part of the trail, which consists of a small playground with a swinging rope, tunnel to climb through and a little playhouse. Perhaps this has been upgraded over the years but I doubt it.

You’ll walk through meadows and the forest, occasionally by a stream.

At about the 1.8km/1 mile mark, you’ll reach a picnic area with a fire pit and some play equipment. It might look different now, but probably about the same.

The trail eventually ends up in Mürren, where you can follow signs back to the gondola and return to the valley.

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  1. This is what I have been looking for so long 🙂 Thank you for your site and all the tips! We are moving to Zurich in August with our 16 month old son and so looking forward to all the new adventures that are waiting for us 🙂

  2. I so appreciate your blog! I also found your blog while looking for detailed and specific instructions about hiking with small children (we have a 4yo) in Switzerland. We plan on staying 10 days or so between Zurich – Lucerne – somewhere in the Interlaken area – Bern and Geneva. Do you have any tip about outdoor activities for small children (4 yo) in either of these cities? Even if there is a cool neighborhood playground that might not appeal to most tourists…with a small child, these playgrounds are so important to us for allowing the child to burn off energy, which will allow us to enjoy the rest of the city even more.

    Again, this resource is awesome!
    From a fellow Bay Area family (Los Gatos!)

  3. This looks amazing! I have been perusing your site to help us plan our train trip for next summer (we are doing a week or so in Austria and a week in Switzerland, mostly focusing on day trips from Interlaken).

    It is hard to find great, specific travel information on the internet nowdays (so many of these blogs just post “10 Best Things to do in X Place” but contain no real substance. BRAVO!

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