Sattel Hochstuckli: Winter with Kids

Sattel Hochstückli is a small mountain resort near Zurich that’s fun both in winter and summer. They have a few T-bar lifts, a long sled run to the valley, winter walks, and small snow garden for beginners with a magic carpet and a tow rope. We like it because it’s close and affordable with a nice ski area for beginners. But for absolute beginners, we don’t like it so much because you have to pay to access and use the magic carpet, both for the child and accompanying adult who is not skiing. Also, it only has T-bars, not chairs, on the regular ski runs which we don’t like. So it’s not a perfect resort, but it has it’s advantages.

Location:   Central Switzerland
Address: Eumatt, 6417 Sattel CH
Car: ~45 mins from ZH
Train: ~1hr10 from ZH
Suitable for: beginner to intermediate
Lift type: cable car to reach resort
magic carpet and T-bars in resort
Sample Prices 2016: Day pass CHF 39 adult, CHF 26 child
child ticket reduced when with parent
Rondo children area CHF 7 for children aged 3-5
Sled single ride CHF 16 adult, CHF 8 child
Discounts: morning ticket till 13:00
partial day refund tickets
More info: – webcams

Getting Here

To reach the ski area and other attractions, you first take a gondola up from the valley.

By car: Drive to Sattel and follow signs to the Sattel Hochstückli gondola. There is a large parking lot but it can fill up quickly on the weekends.

By transit: Take a train to Sattel-Aegeri. The train drops off very close to the cable car station.


Decide what you are doing before buying your ticket. For all day skiing and sledding, you’ll buy a day pass. If you just want to do the sled run one time, you can buy a single ticket for the gondola and then sled back down. For winter walks or just managing your kids while they use the magic carpet, you can buy a cheaper return ticket just for the gondola. Children over 6 require a day pass. Children 3-5 ride the gondola for free but need a CHF 7 ticket to use the Rondo children’s area including the magic carpet.


Here is the ski map for Sattel Hochstückli. The magic carpet is near the #2 beginners drag lift. The #4 and #5 T-bars drag are very steep, so children should be confident on drag lifts before using these. The runs are all very easy but beginners will stay at #2. The sled runs starts at the top of the cable car at Mostelberg and goes to the bottom.


The sled run starts where the gondola drops you off and continues all the way back down to the base on the gondola. My husband and my son did the sled run and reported that it was fast and scary but very fun. You can rent sleds but we brought our own. Check conditions before you go because there isn’t always enough snow for the sled run, even if there is snow in the ski area at the higher elevation.


We took our kids there to use the magic carpet when they were just learning to ski. It’s not our favorite snow garden (see Flumserberg) but it was adequate. My main complaint was that the beginners slope was slightly slanted and our kids kept sliding into a ravine instead of coming to a gradual stop on a flat. Since we last went, they have renovated this area and included a covered magic carpet to protect from the elements.


Winter Walks

Sattel offers two groomed winter walks accessible from the top of the cable car. I only walked these in summer, but I imagine they would be great in winter too. The RUNDweg Engelstock is a 5.4km and took my kids about 3 hours in summertime, with lots of breaks. It’s not particularly challenging, but it is slightly uphill for the first half of the trail. The views of Rigi and the Mythen peaks are fantastic. The second trail crosses the suspension bridge and loops around the alpine valley.

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