Winter Walk: Titlis Trübsee

Of the many winter activities in the Titlis/Engelberg area, the winter walk around the Trübsee lake is a nice alternative for families with children too young to ski. The Trübsee is It was a lovely trail with fantastic views. Though conditions can vary, when we were there, the path was well groomed with hard-packed snow, easily navigated on foot, stroller or sled. If you want a little adventure, on your way back down, you can stop at Gerschnialp and do the long sled run to the back to the valley.

Location:   Central Switzerland
Address: Titlisbahn – Schnistrasse 12, 6390 Engelberg CH
Car: 1hr10 from Zurich
Train: 1hr50 from Zurich
Trail: 3 km loop around lake
Condition: groomed snow
Skill: easy
Open: Dec through March
More info:


The Engelberg area has many winter walks, so be sure to consult their website and particularly the interactive map before heading out. Winter walks (groomed walking trails) are a dotted pink line with a little hiker symbol as opposed to yellow dots (snowshoe trail) or dark blue dots (cross-country skiing).

This walk is around the Trübsee, which is located at the middle station, the top of the Engelberg-Trübsee cable cars, before continuing up to Titlis. The walk is

Getting Here

By car: Drive to Engelberg and follow signs to Titlisbahn. Park in the metered lot next to the base station.

By transit: Take a train to Engelberg, then a bus to Titlisbahn.

By car: Drive to Engelberg (also easily accessible by public transportation) and follow signs to the Titlis cable car.


Buy your ticket to Trübsee, which is the second stop on the trip up to Titlis. If you want to do the long sled run after your walk, stop on your way down at Gerschnialp where the sled run starts.

Trail Details

From the Trübsee cable car stop, walk down to the lake and follow trail signs toward Obertrübsee. At the far side of the lake, when the trail splits, loop back along the lake instead of continuing to the Obertrübsee lift.

Near the end of the hike, there was a restaurant along the trail where you could stop for lunch. We were on the trail for about 2 hours. Our 5 yr old walked the whole thing but he got very tired and it was a little tough for him to finish.

This was our first winter walk so we didn’t know what we were doing. We took the stroller and quickly learned that it would have been much more fun with a sled. We brought our little disk sleds, which were great when there were downhill sections, as shown in the pic below.

The trail is groomed and on the day we were there, possible with a stroller. It’s important to check the conditions before your trip. In heavy snow or very warm days with melting snow, the trail may not be in good condition for walking. We went on a lovely sunny day. We dressed in all our snow gear, but with the sun and effort of walking, we were all sweating after a few minutes and stripped off a lot of layers.

Next to the gondola station, there is a little curved sledding hill shown below, with a magic carpet to bring you back up the hill. We saw them building a roof for the magic carpet last summer, so it will be even more comfortable. It’s free to use once you pay to ride up the gondola to this point. There is a big restaurant with panorama views at the cable car station above the sledding hill.

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