Sleigh Ride in Davos

A horse-drawn sleigh ride is a fun way to counter the after-Christmas blues. Last year, we took a sleigh ride in Davos and really enjoyed it. It’s about an hour long ride from the center of Davos up the Dischma valley to Restaurant Teufi, where we ate a traditionally hearty Swiss lunch, then rode back into town. The scenery was beautiful and the sleigh ride cosy, especially fun with friends.


I booked about six weeks in advance as some companies get booked out far in advance. We reserved our sleigh through this company.

Kutschenzentrale Davos Platz
Tel. +41 (0)81 413 50 00

Other websites offering sleigh rides in this area:

You need to make reservations separately for the sleigh and the restaurant (the restaurant is optional). When reserving with the sleigh, tell them if you want a one way or return trip and if you intend to eat at the restaurant. You can ride the sleigh there and back with a break to eat. You could alternatively ride the sleigh one way, then return by taxi or foot (there is a winter trail next to the road). When reserving the restaurant, tell them that you are coming with the sleigh so they know your arrival time might be a little flexible. The Restaurant Teufi website implies that they also arrange sleigh rides, so you may be able to arrange everything directly with the restaurant.

Restaurant Teufi, Dischma
Tel. +41 81 416 35 82

A few years ago, we did another sleigh ride in Raten, near Einsiedeln, that I wrote about here.

The Sleigh

Our sleigh had three benches; each bench fits 3 adults or 4 kids. Some sleighs charge per person, some charge for the whole sleigh. If you don’t fill up the sleigh, they might add another party. So I recommend bringing some friends along. We had 5 adults, 4 kids and a dog, which cost about 200chf. Our driver let one of the kids ride up front with him, which was a special treat.

The sleigh provides lots of blankets, which kept us very cosy. But you still need to dress very warmly, especially your feet, head and hands. We were there are on an especially chilly day and we were happy to have all our snow gear on.

Getting There

The sleigh picked us up near the main Davos train station so it is easy to access by car or public transportation.


The sleigh picked us up in town, which was a little funny to see the sleigh driving among traffic. The first part of the ride through town wasn’t very interesting and I was a little worried. But once we got to the Dischmatal, it was very pretty.

Heading out of town.

The Dischmatal, looking back to Davos.

Riding backwards.

The sleigh goes up a snowy road alongside a river.

A very pretty river.

The sun was very bright that day and our kids didn’t have sunglasses. So sometimes they hid under the blankets.

Restaurant Teufi.

Rösti and sausages for our crew.

Loading back up for our return trip. The horses had a nice break too.

All snug as a bug in a rug.

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