Winter Walks with Kids

Before my kids could ski, we often went to the mountains just to play in the snow and do a little sledding. We found that many resorts groom trails in winter so you can do a leisurely winter walk without snowshoes. This a great winter alternative to skiing for families with very little kids. You could take an all-terrain stroller. But it’s more fun to take a big wooden sled, equipped with a chair and insulated stroller bag to keep your little one all snug and warm.

Below are a few winter trails I can recommend. These are all loop trails that are manageable with kids in a stroller (or sled if there’s enough snow), with restaurants along the trail, and very nice views. I’m always looking for more, so please leave comment if you know of a good one. I’ll add more as I try them out.

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  1. Another one with visitors with little kids or non skiers is in the Toggenburg Valley. Gampluet– You park at the bottom and ride the gondola up, at the top there are many winter walking trails but even better for kids there are many different types of sleds, snow scooters, snow bikes, etc that you can rent for the day to play up at the top. Each one cost to rent 5CHF and there is a nice restaurant in the same area as well that served 3 daily specials in a self service line and then on busier nice weather days the grill and hot drinks are open outside too. There was plenty of outdoor seating and the restaurant was in full sun all day which was great! You can sled to the bottom but it was not the best sled run I have ever been on– more like a ski run than a sled run- if we went again I would ride the gondola down or walk a walking path down.

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