Türlersee Lake Walk

Türlersee is a small lake near Zurich, nestled in a quiet valley, making you feel far away from everything even though you are so close. There is an easy loop trail around the lake, smooth enough for a stroller and short enough that a 5 year old can walk around it without too much complaining. As you walk around the lake, you’ll pass a few fire pits and several small docks from which you can fish without a license. There’s a swimming area at the south end of the lake that requires an entrance fee. It’s also wonderful for winter walks, so beautiful with the snow.  If you live in the area, it’s a great choice in any season.

Location:   Zurich Region
Address: Oberstrasse 14, Hausen am Albis, Canton Zurich, Switzerland
Car: ~25 mins from Zurich
Train: ~45 mins from Zurich HB
Trail: 4 km loop, about 2 hours
Condition: dirt, obstacle-free
Skill: easy
Open: year round, weather dependent
More info:



The 4 km trail around the lake is a wide dirt path suitable for strollers. At the southeast side, you’ll find ample metered parking, a restaurant, campground, swimming area, and playground. We usually walk clockwise around the lake. The GeoCache trail starts near the restaurant.

P.S. This lake sometimes freezes in winter and you can ice skate on it. Check out my post for details.

Getting There

Türlersee is in a valley south of Zurich between Affoltern a.A. on the west and Langnau a.A. on the east.

By car: It’s most convenient to drive to the southeast end of the lake and park in the metered lots near the Türlersee Camping  (address: Türlen, 8915 Hausen am Albis).

By bus: take the 235 bus to Hausen am Albis, Türlersee.


Walk toward the lake, just south of the camping complex. At the lake, there is a small swimming area and playground run by the campground, which requires a fee during the summer season. There are a couple restaurants here too. For the loop walk, simply continue south around the lake following the trail signs.

Here’s what the beginning of the trail looks like in April.

Here’s more of the trail, some dirt and some paved.

View from the west side to the east side.

One of the fire pits. They don’t provide wood, but we found plenty of fallen branches to use.

The lake is really pretty with lots of different kinds of flora and lush fields.

According to this website, anyone is allowed to fish from the shore without a license. So it’s a good place for your kids to play around with a fishing pole without paying an expensive fee.

The rules state you can use only natural bait, like worms but no live or dead fish, and no artificial lures. Thus you can see us digging for worms, yuck!

We’ve fished there three times and never caught anything, except these super tiny fish with a net. But our kids still felt like they had gone fishin’.

I include this photo simply to show that we really do go out in all weather, always hopeful it will improve. On this day, we started in pretty steady rain but an hour later it all dried up and we had a fun day.

Winter Walk

We love Türlersee in winter too, so beautiful. You’ll find lots of locals strolling here.

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Easy walk around beautiful lake near Zurich, with swimming, fishing, and a 12 step Geocache trail.

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  1. Hi Tanya, I am a fan of your website! I have been to Türlersee several times and went back again yesterday. It is actually an easy place to go to when one doesn’t want to drive too far. We braved the weather and we did well! We took some charcoals with us to make a fire. To my surprise there were some woods cut and covered so that was good although it was wet but we did manage the grill our sausages! The boys aged between 10 and 13y old had a blast, playing with their wooden sticks, running around, and entertaining the fire. I definitely recommend it, even when it is raining! Oh and I saw that they have paddle boards now at the camping which must be lovely to use on the lake, it is such a gorgeous one!
    Beatrice R.

    1. Sounds like a perfect day! We love the Türlersee too. Wishing you many more days like this one over the summer.

  2. Minor update: the route around the lake is now covered with not-so-small gravel stones, so we had problems with a stroller there… Wish it would remain dirt though.

    1. Oh no! Gravel is definitely not friendly for many strollers. Thanks for the note! If you plan to take a stroller on lots of hikes, you might consider a model with all-terrain tires like the BOB, which can handle gravel better than standard strollers. Good luck out there.

  3. Hi Tanya-
    I've been in Zurich for 2 1/2 years now. I enjoy your blog and recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors. I've meant many times to e-mail you and thank you for sharing your adventures and giving trip ideas/tips. You've inspired me to write as well, so I started my own blog (published just 2 days ago) our travels within Switzerland, rest of Europe, Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. I only posted 3 trips thus far, but hope to add more every week as I work backwards in time. If along the way there are any trips that we did that you would like to link to your blog, feel free.
    Thank you again,



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