Leukerbad Mountain Resort for Families

We loved our week in Leukerbad, a high alpine valley in the Valais region of Switzerland. Leukerbad is particularly famous for its natural hot springs, thermal baths, and spas, which is why most people choose to spend a holiday here. We liked having the option to visit the thermal baths after a day of hiking and having somewhere fun to go on a rainy day, of which there were many. We really enjoyed our time there.

Since Leukerbad is tucked away in an isolated valley, I wouldn’t recommend it as a base for exploring other parts of the Valais region. It can get tiresome driving down and up the long windy road that connects this resort to the main Valais valley. It’s better to just stay in Leukerbad and find your amusements there.

Here are a few things we enjoyed in Leukerbad during our stay:


Besides the thermal baths, this is the most popular destination in Leukerbad. The Gemmipass, a high elevation valley which is a very old trade route connecting the Bern and Valais regions. From the top of the cable car, you get a sweeping view of Leukerbad then turn around to a see the lovely Gemmipass valley shown above. The walking path (mostly all terrain stroller-friendly) meanders along the lake. We happened to be there during the annual sheep festival (last Sunday of July), when they bring hundreds of the sheep down to the valley. The kids loved that part and fun to participate in a local tradition.
>>> See my post for details.

Leukerbad valley walk

We spent one day walking around the Leukerbad valley itself (about 4 miles), which is every bit as pretty as the tops of the surrounding mountains. The loop walk follows a road up the east side of the valley to a little pond, called Majingsee, where there is a fire pit and a little trickling waterfall feeding into the pond. The trail returns on west side of the valley, following the river. There is an optional detour to walk through the Dalaschlucht.
>>> See my post for details.

Torrentbahn and hike to Wysse See

On the opposite side of the valley from the Gemmipass, you’ll find the Torrentbahn and a network of hiking trails. Though quite not as impressive as the Gemmipass, it’s still very lovely and much less crowded. We did a 4 hour trail (there and back) to the Wysse See. We didn’t actually make all the way there, but it was such a nice trail that we didn’t mind so much. This was not a top 10 hike, but if you’re in Leukerbad, it’s a good option.
>>> See my post for details.


This walk through a narrow gorge was beautiful, exciting and a little scary. This is a detour off the main valley walk, following the river back into town. This metal walkway was pretty safe, but a little slippery so watch little kids carefully. It is narrow with stairs, so no strollers.
>>> Details on their website.

Leukerbad town & thermal baths

Let’s first take a moment to chuckle at this enormous clown that welcomes you to Leukerbad. Then we can admire the charm of the old town. Leukerbad is full of nondescript hotels and holiday apartments, but the car-free old town is adorable with lots of rustic old buildings with lovely architectural details.

Leukerbad is also full of spas and thermal baths, most of them connected to hotels. The best thermal bath for children is Leukerbad Therme. First, they allow and welcome children, unlike many of the other thermal baths in town. It has attractions especially for children, including waterslides and a baby splash area. The outside heated pool has lots of sprays, bubble beds, waterfalls, etc. Of course, there are lots of adults trying to relax, but as long as your kids aren’t super crazy, you can co-exist quite nicely. We spent a couple hours almost every afternoon at the baths, which made our kids very happy. It’s also a great option if it rains.

The entrance fees are quite expensive, but children up to 8 are free and they do offer family tickets that offer a slight discount. You can also get multi-day tickets, which also gives you a discount as well.

Getting There

The town of Leukerbad is a valley high up in the mountains, reached by a narrow winding road from the main Valais valley. You can drive here or take a bus. There are a few small parking areas in town but don’t plan on driving from place to place in town. Just park, then walk. You can usually find a spot in the parking garage under the Migros.

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