Säntispark: Indoor Water Park

Säntispark is a large amusement center near St. Gallen with a fantastic indoor water park. The main attraction is the Wildwassercanyon (shown above), which is a long water slide with a huge volume of water rushing through it so it feels like going down a river. Super fun! They also have a wave pool, regular water slides for both big and small, a heated outdoor relaxation pool with bubble jets, lazy river, and waterfalls. They’ve recently added a new wonderful toddler splash pool, with a tiny slide and sprays. Unlike other thermal baths, this Bäderwelt is completely designed for families, loud and fun.

Getting There

Address: Wiesenbachstrasse 9, 9030 Abtwil SG.

By car: Drive toward St. Gallen on the A1, taking exit 80 and following signs to Säntispark. Park in the big underground metered parking lot.

By public transport: Take a train to St. Gallen, then a bus to Abtwil SG, Säntispark.

Tickets & Opening Times

The swimming area, aka Bäderwelt, is open year around from 9:00 to 22:00, early on weekends.

They have a variety of entrance fees depending on what services you want to use and how long you want to stay. We typically get the 3 hour “Family Card”, 2 adults, 2 children for CHF 69. Under 6 is free.

Some details…

I couldn’t take photos inside and they have very few photos on their website. So I’ll just have to describe it.

– The Wildwassercanyon is very fun, but definitely wild. You are constantly running into other people and the walls. We all walked away with some bruises. But we all loved it, even the 4 year olds in our group, who were the youngest ones going that slide. We spent most of our time on this slide.

– The new baby splash pool has a fun shallow pool that projects fish swimming around in the water. As you walk, the fish follow you. Little kids love this!!!

– You can buy food there (mostly just snacks) or bring your own. Near the Wildwassercanyon, there is a picnic room with tables and chairs (in Feb 2016, this room was closed for renovation, but hopefully will reopen soon). Right outside the entrance is a Migros cafe, with hot food, salad bar, drinks, etc. You can’t go in and out of the Bäderwelt, but it’s an easy option before or after your visit.

– In the bathrooms, there is a changing table for babies.

– You can buy water wings at the front desk if you forget yours (or break, like ours).

– The Bäderwelt is just one part of the Säntispark Thermalbad, which also has all the regular spa features like sauna, roman-irish baths, massage and a fitness center. And Säntispark itself is an enormous “Freizeit” complex with shopping, sport facilities, etc. I was a little overwhelmed and confused when we first got there. But don’t worry, you’ll find your way.

Wiesenbachstrasse 9
9030 Abtwil, St.Gallen Map
Opening times: 9:00 to 22:00 Mon-Fri, 8:00 to 22:00 Sat-Sun
See website for most current info.

(photos from Säntispark website)

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