Liechtenstein river walk

Summary: ~90min drive from Zurich, easy walk along a river (~1hr one way), stroller-friendly, restaurant with sandpit, grill-pits, free

When Zurich is stuck in low clouds, you can often drive to the sun at a higher elevation. The forecast on will sometimes indicate at what elevation the clouds end. Back in October, we saw that the clouds would end at 900m, so we found a hike above that and hoped for the best. We ended up in Steg, Liechtenstein and enjoyed a lovely relaxing stroll along a little river.

This is a good example of a shoulder season hike. Since you don’t have to take a gondola to reach this hike, you can start doing this one as soon as the snow has melted. I bet in May it’ll be pretty nice with all the wildflowers coming out. I can’t wait to go there again as there are other longer hikes I’d like to try there.

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Details. Drive to Liechtenstein and up, up, up the mountain. After driving through the narrow tunnel at the top, take your first right (before reaching Steg) and take an immediate left on Valunastrasse. At the end of this road, you’ll find some dirt parking spaces next to the Gänglesee lake. Park here and start your walk along the lake.

start of the hike at the small Gänglesee lake

Continue on the right side of the river. Most of the trail is a dirt road, so it’s pretty easy with the stroller. There are a lot of bridges along the way and the east side of the river has a paved road if you find that necessary.

It’s flat and follows the river the whole way, which provides a good distraction for the little ones. Our four year easily walked the whole way without much coaching.

After about an hour or so, you’ll reach a restaurant. It’s a small simple menu (cash only), but our soup and cheese/meat plate was pretty tasty. There’s a sand box and a clean bathroom.

near the end of our hike, we spent some time in the river bed building water traps, a favorite pastime of my boys

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