Zurich Libraries

I know the weather has been glorious lately, but we still have some rainy days ahead of us. So in case you need a few more indoor activities, I thought I’d suggest the library.

The PBZ Zurich libraries are a great resource, even if you don’t understand German.  Most Zurich libraries have an English section for children’s books, audio, and movies. You can find a full list of these libraries at www.pbz.ch.

These libraries might not have over-the-top snazzily decorated children’s wings you might be accustomed to in the US. But many have a children’s corner with comfy places to sit. And they usually have a small children’s book collection in English.

Some have “German as a second language” and “English as a second language” text books that can help kids learning to read in either language.

Some libraries have board games and puzzles that you can borrow, including Zurich Altstetten and Oerlikon. Many neighborhoods also have a Ludothek, which is a toy library that stocks board games, toys, bikes, etc. You join for a small yearly fee, then pay a small rental fee for the toys you borrow. More about Ludotheks.

Kids living in Zurich get a free library card and can check out 25 books at a time (there are lower limits for other media). Cards for adults are 60CHF/year for 25 books at a time or 35CHF/year for 2 books at a time. Most libraries have a weekly or monthly story hour for kids. Check the brochures at the check-out counter. Zurich Pestalozzi Library Website

Luk educational series. The last pic shows that our pattern matches the example, meaning we answered all the questions correctly.

I wanted to share one thing I found during my last visit. The Sihlcity library has a small collection of Lük books, which are an educational series that has the child put together a puzzle as they answer questions from the book. At the end of the page, they child checks to see if the pattern is a match. If yes, they answered all the questions correct. I saw different levels from pre-school through 6 grade. The library checks out both the books and the puzzle pieces. I think this will be a great way to introduce my 4 year old to German vocab and improve the German reading skills of my 2nd grader.

Another option is the American Women’s Club of Zurich, which has lots of books in English for children and adults. You can get a library-only card for 75CHF/year. I’ve had a membership for a few years and my kids love working their way through the large collection of picture books.

Happy reading!


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