Badeparadies Water Park

Badeparadies Schwarzwald, a big waterslide park in Germany, not too far from Zurich. We like that it not only has big action slides for the big kids, but also a very nice collection of small slides for little kids, especially the under 6 crowd. They also have a wave pool and diving platform. I love that they allow picnics inside, which you can enjoy on comfortable lounge chairs by the wall of windows. On the way home, we always stop in the nearby tourist town of Titisee, to get big cream sundaes at an Eiscafe and enjoy a view of the lake. It’s a bit of a drive from Zurich, but as a special treat, it’s totally worth it! 

Getting There

Address:  Am Badeparadies 1, 79822 Titisee-Neustadt, Germany

By car: Drive toward Titisee-Neustadt, Germany and follow signs to Badeparadies Schwarzwald just east of town. It is a huge building, you can’t miss it. It is about 1hr20 from Zurich.

By public transport: It is very near the Titisee train station, but travel from Zurich HB is not convenient.

Tickets & Operating Times

Badeparadies has several entrance options. Buy tickets for Galaxy Schwarzwald, which is the indoor waterslide park.  Current prices on website.


The waterslides are categorized into “Family”, “Action,” and “X-treme,” meaning there’s something for everyone.

I was particularly happy with the seven “Family” slides for the under 6 crowd (shown below). There’s a bench right in front of the slides, so you can sit and watch your kids go up and down the slides. You can see pictures of each slide on this page. Unlike Swiss pools, Badeparadies has attentive lifeguards that were actually enforcing the rules. One of these rules is that adults cannot go on the under 6 slides unless the child requires assistance. If your child is three, the lifeguard might ask you if your kid can do it alone. The “Family” level also has slides for 6-12 that are still quite mild. Younger children can go on these slides, but you cannot accompany them.

If your little ones are ready for bigger slides, just move up to the “Action” level slides, which are rated 7+. These are faster and longer, but fine for brave small children accompanied by an adult. I was worried that the lifeguard would tell me that my four-year old couldn’t go on these slides, but that never happened. The lifeguards are more concerned about keeping big kids off the little kids slides (thank you!).

The X-treme level slides are for 13+ and the only slides with super long lines. The facility provides intertubes (single, double and triple) to use on certain slides. When it’s busy, you might have to wait a bit. I don’t think tntertubes are welcome in the wave pool, so bring your own flotation devices for that. I didn’t see anyone with big rafts, so I’m not sure those are allowed.

The wave pool runs for 10 minutes about every half hour. It’s super fun and my kids almost always abandoned the waterslides for the waves. The pool starts very shallow so small children can easily splash around. But it can get rough when the waves start, so use common sense and stay close to your kids.

The whole complex is quite small and I let my 7YO run around freely with his friends. There is an enormous lounge area filled with beach chairs, which we used as our home base. We weren’t sure what the food policy was, but we saw lots of people picnicking, so we brought out our food too. There’s also a reasonably priced cafe inside the pool area, right next to the waterslides.

For a small additional fee, you can visit the Palmeoasis (shown above), an enormous warm pool entirely enclosed by glass, so you kinda feel like you are outside. This pool is for relaxation, so no kids (only 16 and over) but strangely babies and toddlers (0-3 years old) are allowed at no additional cost. In my group, the parents took turns watching the watersliding kids so some of us could spend some time in the Palmeoasis. It was great!

I know what you’re thinking, what about Alpamare just 20 mins from Zurich? We’ve had fun at Alpamare, but a) I think Alpamare is better for older kids that like extreme slides, b) Alpamare is very cramped and closed in, while Badeparadies has high ceilings and many large windows, much more relaxing, and c) Alpamare is much more expensive CHF 50 for a day pass, compared to CHF 20 at Badeparadies. Of course, with gas you lose a little bit of the savings, but it makes me happier to spend less and I think Badeparadies is more little-kid-friendly. Plus you can visit an Eiscafe in Titisee and combine the outing with some over-the-border shopping and “save” some more.

Note: all pics from Badeparadies website.

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  1. Just a feedback for Alpamare: we tried yesterday with our 16 months old, the dad and me >7 months pregnant, and I was very disappointed. 42chf per adult entry (free for the baby) but only one indoors pool with very powerful waves, then it's only slides, a warm outdoor basin (but if your baby has wet hair, not great in cool weather) and an iode outdoors bath for the >16 years old… You only get your money's worth if using the slides a lot. Plus, I found the bathrooms and showers dirty, no family changing rooms and regular rooms are very cramped (partly because the benches is what locks the door, so you need to pick up all your stuff and kids to exit the tiny changing room), no place to snack once outside the paying area, and frankly people were not enforcing the rules like we're used to in Switzerland (walking with shoes in no-shoes area”, going under barriers, cutting queues etc… Will try Säntispark next time, even though it's twice the drive for us… Alpamare is for older kids!

  2. Glad you had a good time! I agree, it is expensive but good value. I thought Swiss Holiday Park was only ok. We liked the outside warm pool and waterfall, but my older son (6 at the time) was a little bored with the baby play area and only one big slide. Perhaps better if you only have very little kids. I think it's a little expensive for what you get even if under 7s are free (24sfr/adult and 16sfr/child 7+). For that money, I might prefer one of the thermalbads like Zurzach, even if doesn't have a slide.

    But of course, to each his own. I always love to hear different opinions than my own. Keep it coming.

  3. We just went yesterday based on your recommendation. Wonderful!! Besides the region is beautiful, arrived at 11 but went to town and had a nice lunch next to the lake, only got to pool at 2p and staid till 8p. Went with 2, 4 and 7yo. Yes there's a lot of people controlling what you can and cannot do but they allowed our 4yo on the 6yo slides (which was excellent, had they not…) and our 2yo to come with mommy on all but the fastest slides.

    Very nice, lots of variety for the kids, things to do both alone and with parents.

    A tad expensive it seems to me. Swiss Holiday Park is nice (not as many slides!) but does not charge for children. Here they charged us 4 full entries, 84 Euros. Still, good value.

    Thanks for the tip!

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