Muggestutz Storybook Theme Trail

This children’s theme trail has play stations that match up with the Muggestutz storybook, which tells about the fairy-tale dwarfs that supposedly live in the Meiringen Hasliberg area. We read the book before going on the hike, which made it more fun for the kids. But you can definitely still enjoy the trail without the the book.

The trail is not too long, about 4km, mostly downhill, and the play stations keep the kids motivated. But very small children will probably get tired, so you might have to carry them at some point since the path is not suitable for strollers. We spent all day on the trail, playing at all the stations, so I can’t really say how long it will take you. I suggest you go with friends, which will make it even more fun for the kids.

Location:   Berner Oberland
Address: Meirigen: Underem Gfell, 3860 Meiringen CH
GPS: 46°43’40.5″N 8°11’33.4″E
Hasliberg Reuti: Dorfstrasse, 6086 Hasliberg CH
GPS: 46°43’58.9″N 8°12’31.5″E
Car: 1hr20 from Zurich
Transit: 2hr30 from Zurich to Hasliberg Reuti, Dorf
Adult full fare return CHF 95
Trail: 4 km one way, about 3 hrs with play time
Condition: dirt, no strollers
Skill: easy
Open: mid June thru October
Prices 2017: Adult CHF 30, child CHF 15, Half-fare and Junior card accepted
More info:    webcams


There are two Muggestutz trails in the Hasliberg area. This trail starts from the top of the Mägisalp-Bidmi cable car and hikes down about 4 km back to Bidmi. The trail is a narrow, lumpy dirt path, not suitable for strollers.

Here’s the illustrated map showing some of the play stations along the way. Some of the stations are like playgrounds like the swings. Others take a little imagination to make fun.

Getting There

This trail at the top of the Bidmi-Mägisalp lift near Meiringen. You can reach the trail by taking the cable car from Meiringen or from the Hasliberg Reuti, which is halfway up the mountain.

By car:  From the east (Zurich or Luzern), it’s easiest to drive to Hasliberg Reuti. There is metered parking at the cable car station and extra parking a couple minutes back on the road.

From the west (Bern or Basel), it’s easiest to drive to Meiringen. follow signs to the cable car station on the east side of town. Park in the big metered lot next to cable car station.

By transit: From eastern Switzerland, take a train to Brünig-Hasliberg, then a bus to Hasliberg Reuti-Dorf. The Reuti-Bidmi cable car station is adjacent to the bus stop. From western Switzerland, take a train to Meiringen, then a short walk to the Meirigen-Reuti cable car station.


Now matter which cable car you ride up, buy the Muggestutz ticket, which includes mountain transport to the trail head and transport back from the bottom of the trail. They accept SBB Halbtax and Junior cards.

Trail Details

You’ll take gondola, then a cable car to the Mägisalp station. There’s a cafe and playground here, but you might want to get started on the trail before the kids run out of energy.

Follow the signs for the Muggestutz trail.

We brought our off-road stroller, but the trail is not stroller-friendly; it gets quite lumpy and steep in parts.

First up, the pine cone drying station, surprisingly entertaining for such a mundane task.

Some of the caves where dwarfs live. Be careful with little kids here. There are little holes they can fall into (not that deep) and tricky ladders to climb.

In the middle of the trail, there is a large group of fire pits and picnic tables with wood and grills.

The swings here are simulating the flight of an eagle that snatches one of the dwarfs in the storybook.

Pretty views along the way.

There are a few dwarf homes along the trail. This first one has a little garden of edelweiss and mini clothes on the laundry line.

This alp cheese shop is along the trail, where you can buy some quite yummy cheese with the Muggestutz label.

Shortly after the cheese shop is a picnic area with a water fountain and fire pit.

There is also another dwarf home, decked out inside with all the comforts of home.

Briefly joining a paved road as you near Bidmi.

You can climb a ladder to check out a bird’s nest with hidden treasures.

This is the last station, a cave at the end of the trail, where the dwarfs (and your children) find a crystal (locked in a box, not to take home).

Then a maze, in which the kids insisted on playing tag with the adults.

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