Seleger Moor Flower Garden

Seleger Moor is a park with many acres of flowers, mostly rhododendrons and azaleas, the largest collection in Switzerland. There are lots of little stroller-friendly paths to wander on. There is a family barbecue area with tables, so you can bring your lunch or get a snack from the small cafe. The only thing it’s missing is a playground, at least the last time I went. It’s a nice outing in spring.

Location:   Zurich Region
Address: Seleger-Moor-Strasse 8911 Rifferswil ZH-CH
Car: 30 mins from Zurich
Train: 50 mins from Zurich
Trail: various walking paths through park
Condition: dirt, strollers ok
Skill: easy
Open: April thru October, daily 8:00 to 18:00
Prices: Adult CHF 12, children under 15 free
Services: restaurant, picnic area with grills, playground
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Getting There

By car: Drive to Seleger-Moor-Strasse in Rifferswil, about 30 min from Zurich. There are so many signs pointing the way from all directions that you simply can’t miss it. There is a big parking lot next to the park.

By public transport: Take a bus to Rifferswil, Seleger-Moor. The park is adjacent to the bus stop.


Here’s a map of the park.

The season is roughly from the beginning of May through mid-June, so don’t delay. This is a great springtime choice before the summer hiking season begins. In 2016, entrance fee is 12 CFH/adult, children under 16 free, parking 4 CHF/car.

We really liked it, even though it rained on us the whole time. The flowers smelled so good!

The main path “Rundweg” through the park is paved and easy with a stroller. There are also lots of dirt paths through the flowers with are still doable with a stroller.

The pond was full of water lilies and croaking frogs! My boys loved that.

There were funny statues scattered in the park as well.


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  1. we went to Seleger Moor Park today. (June 10th). Despite that rhododendrons and azaleas were all finished, Water lilies are now in the season. My 3 year old son was over joyed with seeing so many frogs. We did hide and seek in the forest garden paths. We took S9 train then post bus 223 and get off at Seleger Moor Park. They do have a cafe, I order Seleger Kafi which was bad version of Irish coffee. Don't expect their menu. I would bring my own lunch next time.

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