Lauterbrunnen Valley Path

Bikes and pedestrians share this quiet road down the beautiful Lauterbrunnen valley, with lots of waterfalls spilling from the cliffs on both sides and big mountain peaks all around. We loved that our little kids could ride their scooters instead of walk, so we could walk further without them getting tired. We did this walk once in the early morning, while camping in the Lauterbrunnen valley.  We’ve also biked this path on our way to the Allmendhubel Flower Park near Murren. This is a great option if you’re staying in the area and need something low key, low budget or an add-on to other activities.

Location:   Berner Oberland, Switzerland
Address: Pfrundmatte 419E,, 3822 Lauterbrunnen CH
GPS: 46°35’31.2″N 7°54’27.9″E
Car: 1hr50 from Zurich
Train: 2hr40 from Zurich
Trail: 4.3 km one way, short options possible
Condition: paved and dirt, obstacle-free
Skill: easy
Open: year round, weather dependent
More info:


This path stretches from Lauterbrunnen to the Schilthornbahn near Stechelberg, about 4.3 km. It is is a lightly used private road, frequented by both pedestrians and bikes. You can go as far as you want down this road and simply ride the bus back into town when you get tired. You could go all the way to the Schilthornbahn and ride up. Or you could walk 2.5 km to the famous Trummelbach Falls and ride the bus back from there after visiting the falls.

If you are on bikes, please note that the bus is often very crowded so you wouldn’t be able to transport your bikes back by bus. Taking your bikes on the train between Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen is always possible.

You can ride a longer route from Interlaken to Stechelberg, but I haven’t ridden this complete section before, so I can’t tell you if it’s good for kids or not.

Here’s a sample full day itinerary: Rent bikes in Interlaken, ride the train with the bikes to Lauterbrunnen, ride bikes to Stechelberg, cable car up to Mürren, funicular to Allmendhübel, visit the Flower Park playground there, eat lunch, do a little hike. Then back in the valley, ride bikes to the Trümmelbach falls, check those out, then ride all the way back to Interlaken (downhill).

Getting There

To find the bike route, drive through town to Camping Jungfrau (when the main road takes a sharp left, you will continue start to the campground). Park in the big metered lot just before the campground and just start biking or walking down the road.

Path Impressions

There might be an occasional vehicle on the road, so don’t let your kids get too far away from you. But for the most part, it’s traffic-free.

Waterfalls on both sides of the valley and big mountains ahead of you.

Near Stechelberg, the path turns to dirt, but relatively smooth and fine for bikes and strollers.

This path is also nice in winter. This pic was taken in early November.

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