Camping Jungfrau

We typically do day trips instead of weekend overnighters because hotels are so expensive. Not so many budget options in Switzerland. But once summer, it was such nice weather, that last minute, we decided to spend Auffahrt (public holiday in most of Europe) in the Berner Oberland. After a mixup at a hostel that declined to honor our reservation (they were mean!), we luckily found a room at Camping Jungfrau that has hostel rooms, private bungalows, trailer plots and grass plots for tents. Our hostel room cost about 100sfr for our family of four, but that’s a good deal in this area and we were happy to pay it.

To get there, drive through Lauterbrunnen until the main road turns sharply to the left. Instead of going left, you will drive straight past Hotel Horner following signs to the campground. After a minute or so, you’ll see the campground on your left. Drive in, check in, and they’ll tell you where to park.

Here is the room, designed to sleep 6 on these oversized bunks. Technically, they rent you a spot in the bed, not the whole room. But for families, they’ll give you the whole room if they aren’t too crowded. They provide blankets and pillows, but you’ll want your own sleeping bag or linens.

There are shared bathrooms and shower facilities directly outside the room that we found clean and decent. There is a kitchen on the main floor that you can use to prepare meals. You have to pay to make the stovetop work (like a couple francs for 10 mins or something like that). There are dishes and pots and pans, enough to prepare something simple. There’s a grocery right there with the basics. There’s also an average restaurant that had pizza and regular swiss fare. There are a couple grilling stations in the campground, but they were surprisingly unkempt and dirty. There is a playground for the kiddies and generally lots of room to run around. Overall, we were very happy there for two nights and would even go back. If you camp here, you can easily do this walk straight from the campground.

The “hostel” rooms are in this building. My family is waving from our balcony.

Here’s the campground

The Stabbach falls are right next to the campground.

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