Reichenbach Falls: Sherlock Holmes

The Reichenbach falls are a series of waterfalls near Meiringen. These falls are famous as the setting for Sherlock Holmes’ apparent death in Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s stories. You take a funicular up to a lookout over the falls. Then you can hike up about 30 mins along the falls to see more up close. At the top, there’s a restaurant, but it’s nothing special and it doesn’t look over the falls or anything. You can rent a Trötti bike here and ride it all the way to the valley, instead of hiking back down and taking the funicular again. If you’re in the area anyway, this is a good choice. It’s a short outing, so you’ll want to combine this with a visit to the nearby Aare Gorge; they even sell a combi ticket for both. We also like the nearby Giessbach falls, which are a bit prettier and more fun in my opinion.

Location:   Bernese Oberland Switzerland
Address: Reichenbach, 3860 Schattenhalb
Car: 1hr25 from Zurich
Train: 2hr20 from Zurich
Trail: about 30 mins from viewing platform to top of falls
Condition: lumpy dirt path and stairs
Skill: moderate
Open: May through October
Prices: Adult CHF 10, Child CHF 8
combi tickets with scooter, museum, or Aare gorge
Services: restaurant, playground
More info:

Getting There

By car: Drive to the funicular base just south of Meiringen, as shown in the map below. There is free parking near the station.

By transit: Take a train to Meiringen, Alpbach, then a short walk to the funicular base station.


The vintage funicular car takes you up to the viewing platform near the falls.

At the top of the funicular, you can admire the falls from this viewing platform.

View of Meiringen from top of funicular-

If you want to see more up close, you can take the trail up lots of steps into the forest. No strollers here for sure.

The bumpy trail through the forest to get to the top of the falls

At the top of the falls, there is a restaurant with a great view. In the restaurant, you can rent fat wheeled Trotti scooters to ride back down the mountain. One time I went with a bunch of girlfriends. The path starts on the paved road, then heads into the woods on a dirt road. It was a fun way to get down the mountain. If you plan to ride the scooters, buy a combo ticket that includes one way transport on the funicular and the scooter rental.

If you don’t ride the scooter down, you’ll need to walk back down to the funicular and ride that down. We drove into nearby Meiringen and had Flammenkuchen at a little cafe, then ice cream sundaes at the restaurant right next to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I don’t know the name of it, but it’s hard to miss. It has lots of outdoor seating that spills out onto a little playground and grassy area in front of the museum. We always stop there when we’re in the area.


Ice cream sundaes with meiringue is the specialty.

Don’t forget to take a pic with the Sherlock Holmes statue.

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