Kilchberg Strandbad

I’ve heard so many good things about the Kilchberg Strandbad that I finally had to go check it out myself. I adore the Mythenquai but Kilchberg might be my new favorite for one reason: a regular swimming pool built right next to the lake front. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a great alternative to the murky lake water and slimy, rocky lake bottom when I want to cool off. Unfortunately, it’s just as cold as the lake, so don’t get too excited. It starts off at .40m deep and slowly increases to 1m, then to 1.5m at the deepest section. Little tots will definitely need floaties here.

It has a big kiddie pool set back from the lake, with a few sprays, a river, and pools of varying depths, about 6ins in the shallowest and about 2ft in the deepest.

Right next to the kiddie pool is a fun play structure that looks like a boat. The fake grass surrounding it gets really hot (seriously, it burns!), so your kids will want their sandals on. The entire Strandbad property is much smaller than other badis, but there’s still lots of real grass to run around on even on a crowded day.

The “beach” is not as nice as the Mythenquai, it’s shallow and rocky, no sand. This makes it perfect for rock throwing, which entertained my boys for a least an hour. It does have a large sand/dirtbox built into the beach filled with sand toys, so your little ones can dig. It also has a small waterslide that empties into the lake. It’s slow and the exit is shallow so little ones should be safe.

The cafe has slightly better food than other badis. I had a yummy Mah Meh asian noodle dish that was cooked fresh in the kitchen (seemingly not industrial food).

It costs slightly less than other Zurich badis. The parking is tiny so don’t plan on getting a spot. We had to park about a 5 min walk away on a residential street (white zone, not blue), which wasn’t a big deal. The bus stops directly in front of the badi, which may be more convenient for some.

The Kilchberg Strandbad is located on Seestrasse in Kilchberg directly across from the Lindt chocolate factory. They pump chocolate smells into the air so you won’t be able to resist stopping in their store to pick up bulk, discounted truffles for the ride home. (As a side note, they do not offer factory tours. You’ll have to visit the Cailler factory near Gruyeres.)

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