Uetliberg Viewpoint over Zurich

On a clear day, there’s no better place in Zurich to check out the alps than Uetliberg. It’s a short train ride from town then a short walk up to the viewpoint. There’s a small playground next to the train stop and a cafe at the viewpoint. It’s an easy choice for visitors where you don’t have time or energy to drive all the way to the mountains.

Location:   Zurich Region
Address: Uetliberg view point: 47°20’58.3″N 8°29’30.3″E
Car: Closest parking: Langwiesstrasse 35, 8142 Uitikon
or: Birmensdorferstrasse 12, 8142 Uitikon Waldegg
Train: Tram Stop: Uetliberg
20 mins from Zurich HB, CHF 8.80 Adult return with Half-fare
Trail: 600m to viewlpoint
Condition: dirt, obstacle-free 
Skill: easy
Services: cafe, playground, WC, 
Open: year round
More info: www.uetliberg.ch

Getting There

Take the S10 (low floor, stroller-friendly) from Zurich HB (or other stops along the way) to the end of the line. It runs every 15 mins. It requires two zones more than a Zurich city day pass.

Where the train stops, there’s a playground and snack stand. But don’t get distracted.

Follow the crowd up a short road (about 10 mins, stroller friendly) to the lookout point. You’ll pass these funny lampposts on your way up.

Lookout point – can you find your house?

It now costs a few francs to climb the tower. It’s not a particularly better view than below, more of a novelty. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth it.


There’s a sit-down restaurant as well as a snack stand for bratwurst, fries, and pricey drinks. Be smart and bring your own. On weekends with good weather, this can get ridiculously busy. There are park benches and some lounge chairs, but on busy days you have to be really aggressive to get a spot. We circled for about 10 mins before we snagged this prime picnic spot.

If you have energy to burn, you can hike south along the ridgeline to Felsenegg and beyond. You can join the trail by climbing down a lot of stairs from the Uetliberg lookout or walking back toward the train station and turning left when the trail forks, following signs to Felsenegg. For details, see my Uetliberg Planet Trail post.

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