Zugerberg Sculpture Trail

The rolling Zugerberg countryside has lots of trail options, but we like the Skulpturenweg for families, with a variety of animal sculptures along the way to motivate little walkers. There is a big playground with fire pits near the start of the trail. There are also a few restaurants in the area. It’s a nice day out anytime, but a particularly good option during the shoulder seasons when mountain transport is closed. We’ve been in April, which was very nice with lush green meadows and wildflowers. We’ve also been in February, which was a bit snowy and brown, but still lovely.

Location:   Central Switzerland
Address: Funicular: Schönegg 14, 6300 Zug CH
GPS: 47°09’04.3″N 8°31’15.3″E
Or park at trailhead:
GPS: 47°08’47.2″N 8°32’17.6″E
Car: 45 mins from Zurich
Transit: 40 mins from Zurich HB to Zug, Schönegg
Adult half fare round trip CHF 17.40
Trail: 2.8 km loop
Condition: dirt
Skill: easy
Open: all year, weather dependent
Services: restaurant, playground, theme trail
More info: www.zbb.ch


This is a loop trail, starting at the top of the Zugerberg funicular. The trail is a easy dirt path through fields and forests, partially on a very lightly traveled paved road. The path passes a variety of carved wooden animal sculptures. The Schattwäldli Adventure playground near the start of the trail is a nice reward after the hike, with fire pits for picnicking. On a clear day, you can see the alps in the distance, but this is not a trail for big views, more just a nice stroll in the countryside.

Getting Here

This trail is best accessed by the Zugerberg funicular, which is located a bit south of Zug on the east side of the lake.

By car: Drive to Schönegg 14, 6300 Zug and park in one of the metered spots next to the funicular station.

By transit: Take a train to Zug, then bus 11 to Schönegg. The funicular is adjacent to the bus stop.

Alternatively, you can drive directly to the trail on a narrow, winding one lane road as shown below. Before entering the little “village” at the top, park in the spots along the road and continue on foot to the Zugerberg funicular station, where the trail official begins.

Trail Details

The trail starts at the top of the funicular stations. You have a nice view of Lake Zug from here.

Just follow the yellow signs for the Skulpturenweg. There are many other trail options in the area, including winter walks. But if you want to do the sculpture trail, follow those signs and my trail map above.

Here are a couple of the animals at the beginning of the Zugerberg Sculpture Trail. The trail is starts out paved, then turns into dirt, but mostly wide and not too rough, certainly manageable with an all-terrain stroller.

After a few minutes, you will reach a big open field and the trail forks. For the sculpture trail, walk to your left toward the playground. We’ve also take the trail to the right and looped around to the restaurant. This was nice, but it doesn’t have the sculptures and the trail got a little rough for our stroller.

Here’s the playground that you’ll find on your left. The last time we went, it had a few fire pits with wood, a zip line, these playhouses and swings. The sculpture trail continues a bit behind the playground in the woods. I’ve heard that this playground can get really busy on sunny weekends, but it was pretty empty both times we went.

Look out for various sculptures along the way. The trail map posted near the beginning of the trail shows the position of each sculpture so you know how many to look for. We were never able to get a copy of the trail map, but you might ask at the train station before you start the hike.

About 15 minutes after the big playground, you reach another picnic area with a couple fire pits and a very big field where you can picnic.

Our picnic just outside the forest. We should have brought a ball and frisbee. On a clear day, you can see the mountains in the distance.

The trail dips briefly into the forest, then crosses a field before rejoining the paved road. It was lumpy for a bit and a little awkward with the stroller, but not too bad.

The path though the the meadows before reaching the road. On a clear day, you can see the surrounding hills.

We’ve also done this trail in February with snow. It was a little barren, but still a nice walk. When there is enough snow, some of the trails are marked for cross-country skiing, not winter walking (that means the snow on the path is not packed down for walkers). So study your map carefully before proceeding.

On the paved road, before you get back to the playground, you’ll pass the Hintergiessboden restaurant, which was cozy and unexpectedly delicious. They have high chairs. Above is their “signature” garlic bread that was super yummy.


The playground outside the Hintergiessen restaurant.

A last tip. The mountain train to Zugerberg sells a few postcards with vintage designs as shown above. I’ve collected postcards like these from all our adventures and I was super excited to add these to my collection.

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  1. Hello – we did this walk yesterday. Me and my son 3 y.o. -first time alone without my husband- “adventured” on this trail and we loved every second of it. Thank you for your tips and for structuring the site so brilliantly! Looking forward to this hiking season 🙂

  2. Hello – we did this walk on a cool and cloudy day in April, and it was really fun. Thank you so much for the tip! The restaurant is fantastic (and open on Sundays and holidays!), the parks were great for our kids. But part of the walk was really unsuitable for our double buggy…we had to lift it over a stile at one point. Probably easier with a single buggy and we can't wait to go back when the sun is shining!

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