Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany is a lively college town about a 1:45min drive from Zürich. On Saturdays, it hosts an outdoor market outside the main cathedral, selling some tasty street food in addition to the regular produce and plants. One vendor only sells cheesecakes and they are super delicious!

There are probably some important sights to see, but we just walked around town, soaking in its cuteness, occasionally consuming treats. Here’s some of the cuteness:

The whole town has little drainage rivers running through it, which entertained our little one. Just be careful not to fall in.

Here’s a big tower, in case you like that sort of thing:

A few km outside Freiburg is the longest cable car in Germany, which goes up to Schauinsland. At the top of the gondola, there’s a playground and possibly food (not open when we were there).

View from the top of cable car:

From there a short 15min slightly uphill walk (stroller-friendly) to a tower with lots of stairs. Here’s the walk:

And here’s the tower:

From the top, you get a nice view of Freiburg, the black forest and the surrounding countryside:

Getting There

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