Frozen Lakes: Türlersee

In 2009 and 2012, it was finally cold enough in Zürich for the local lakes to freeze. We ventured out to the Türlersee, about a 25min drive from Zürich, direction Zug. It was very fun way to spend a sunny winter day. The town clears a super long skating around the lake. In addition to ice skaters, lots of people were out walking, pulling kids along on sleds, just enjoying the day. I’d recommend getting a sled that has a chair or backrest, so the kids don’t fall off when you pull them (our toddler bonked his head a few times). The tractor that cleared the skating path also pulls kids (and adults) on a sled train, for free. There were also several small hockey rinks cleared for pick-up games. On the far side of the lake (opposite the camping spots), there are some sledding hills down the path. There’s a playground at the parking lot. We were there on a Saturday and there were a lot of little makeshift stands selling things to eat and drink. There was no skate or sled rental, so bring your own. We had no trouble getting parking at 11am, but by 2pm, it was packed and people were parking very far away and walking in.

This website shows all the lakes around Zürich and their frozen status. I’ve heard very nice things about Sihlsee, which is also very close to Zürich and does rent skates.

This tractor clears the skating path and pulls a train of sleds behind it. Didn’t look safe to me, but that’s how most things in Switzerland are so we did it anyway.

On the weekends, it’s a party, with drinks and snacks for sale on the sides of the lake.

one of the food stands

we brought our skates and had a great time making designs on the ice and snow.

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