Eguisheim, France

Eguisheim is the smaller, quieter complement to Colmar, both adorable Alsace towns filled with colorful half-timbered buildings. We like stopping in Eguisheim on the walk back from Colmar, so a short walk around the old town center and to pick up some of their signature coconut macaroon cookies. If you want to make a day of it, you could also visit the castle ruins, Les Trois Chateaux, on a nearby hill and get a bird’s eye view of Colmar and the surrounding area. It’s absolutely lovely in Eguisheim and when we’ve been there, absolutely deserted and quiet.

Getting There

Eguisheim is in the Alsace region, 7 km southwest of the more popular Colmar. The town center is tiny and car free (at least for tourists). There is a metered parking lot just before you enter the old town center: 6 Gr Grand Rue, 68420 Eguisheim, France.


In spring and summer, there are flowers every where.


Our 3.5yr old had endless fun splashing in the fountains

Nearby Castle Ruins

Here are the castle ruins, Les Trois Chateaux, on a hill above Colmar. It has a very nice view of the Alsace countryside. Drive out of town, heading west and following signs to Les Trois Chateaux. Parking area near the ruins: 48°02’24.3″N 7°16’13.5″E

It’s a short walk from the parking lot to the ruins.

Here my friend is on the path to the ruins. It’s lumpy, but you could manage a stroller over it if necessary. Once you get to the ruins, there are some stairs and things to climb over.

A little cave to explore.

Great view.

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  1. wow! how do you get here from Colmar? will it be ok to walk it? I have 2 kids, one in a wheelchair (more like big stroller, he has special needs) and a 4yr old. thank you!

    1. We love Eguisheim and yes, it’s possible to walk around the town with a stroller or wheelchair. There are cobblestones but no stairs that I remember. It’s a short drive southwest of Colmar, about 15 mins. You can see the map here:

    2. Thank you for replying! We will only be in Colmar from 9th-10th on July. Someone told me most places are closed on Sunday (the day we get there) but we want to make the most of it. We are traveling by train so we don’t have a car with us. Is there a bus from Colmar to Eguisheim? Are based in Switzerland? Because Switzerland will be our next stop after Colmar and I’m having such a hard time trying to figure out what to see and do there!! We are going to be staying in Lucerne and want to take the Golden Pass Line and see as much as we can in 3 days!!! Do you have any advice for me? Thank you!

    3. I haven’t take the bus in France, so I don’t know about that. I checked on Google maps and there doesn’t appear to be a bus stop in Eguisheim and there were no suggestions on public transport connections from Colmar to Eguisheim. So you might be out of luck. Yes, I’m based in Zurich Switzerland. I haven’t taken the Golden Pass Line but I have driven most of the routes and they are beautiful. You might find my Spring Hiking post helpful as it catalogs what is open during May and June, which is a bit early for Swiss summer: I haven’t specifically called out what is suitable for wheelchairs, so you’ll need to look into that. If you have more specific questions, you can email me at momstots(at)gmail.

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