Colmar, France

Colmar, France is wildly popular and for good reason. It’s an idyllic little French town, with lots of half-timbered buildings and flower boxes everywhere. It’s perfect for out-of-town visitors and also a good choice with kids as there is lots of pedestrian only streets to wander. There’s a little train that drives around town, with audio commentary so you don’t have to walk the whole thing if your little ones are tired. You can ride a small boat along the river in the “Little Venice” area. There’s no shortage of bakeries, chocolate shops, and ice cream stands to keep your little ones properly sugared up. There are tons of outdoor cafes, so if necessary, your kids can run around while you eat. We also recommend stopping in Eguisheim, a smaller, quieter but equally beautiful version of Colmar, just 7km down the road. 

Location:   Alsace France
Address: Colmar, France
Car: ~1hr45 from Zurich
Train: ~2hr from Zurich


Getting There

By car: Drive to Colmar and follow signs to the old town. There are many parking areas. We always park in the Place de la Mairie parking garage underneath to the Monoprix grocery store. It’s reasonably priced, there is a WC in the parking garage, and we can buy some fun French groceries right before we go home.

By transit: You can take a train to Basel, then another train directly to Colmar. It takes about 2 hrs from Zurich. The Colmar train station is on the southwest side of the old town area.

Getting Around

The old town is small, but it can take a couple hours of walking to see it all. EveryTrail has a few Colmar walking tour maps that you can download and print. It might be fun to take a guided walking tour, but I haven’t done one yet.

Little kids and elderly folks like the green tourist train that tours the town with an audio tour. It picks up directly outside the Monoprix. The tour takes about 30 mins.


The church near the underground parking.

Big cathedral in the center of town, entrance fee to see inside.

Pay attention to the hanging shop signs, which are quite elaborate.

“Little Venice” area

The houses along the river are the classic view of Colmar.

Boat dock in the small river. You can take a short ride along the river in a shallow boat.

The boat going through one of the short tunnels.

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  1. This looks beautiful. I’m so thankful that I stumbled onto your blog. We are in Heidelberg, Germany for a month with 2 small children and are planning small trips on the weekends. Colmar looks like a dream. Do you mind telling me where you stayed? I’m looking for last minute reservations and it looks like most hotels and airbnbs are booked up. Thanks for any advice that you may have! -Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah, We visit Colmar as a day trip and have never stayed overnight there. Hope you find something. Wishing you good times during your Euro vacation!

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