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The Luzern Verkehrshaus, aka Transporation Museum, is a perennial favorite for young ones obsessed with things that go. It was like a dream-come true for my 5yr old and has continued to entertain as my kids have grown. The enormous complex has several indoor halls, each centering on a different mode of travel: trains, planes and space, cars, boats, etc. There are lots of kid-friendly hands-on interactive displays interspersed with the educational material. Outside, there is a supervised driving course for 3yrs+, lots of free scooters for anyone to use around the huge outside area, a construction zone play area, etc. (Please note that these outdoor activities may be closed during the off-season and inclement weather.) They also have a Planetarium and an IMAX theater (check the schedule before you go so you can catch the movie you want to see – the schedule rotates).

Location: Central Switzerland
Address: Ellsworthweg, Lenzburg, Canton Aargau, Switzerland
Car: ~30 mins from Zurich
Train: ~40 mins from Zurich
Open: April thru October, 10:00 to 17:00, closed Mondays
Price: Museum only: Adult CHF 30, Child CHF 15, under 6 free.
Family discounts and combo packages for planetarium, movies and chocolate experience. Some attractions cost extra, some coin operated.
Services: cafe, picnic area outdoors, play area, stroller accessible
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Getting There

The museum is located west of Luzern on the lake. Traffic can be very heavy during peak commute hours, so plan ahead. There is plenty metered parking near the museum. The bus stop is a short walk from the museum.


kids can sit in all sorts of vehicles and push buttons

my 2.5 yr old loves tractors and was so happy to sit in these and push buttons

play construction zone – probably the most popular area of the museum

supervised driving course – free, first-come first-served, run on a frequent schedule throughout the day

play areas with toys appear in every hall

another play area in the cars section

lots of stuff to climb on and touch throughout the museum

lots life-sized vehicles are displayed in each exhibit, with some to sit in

there are tons of model and toy vehicles behind glass

the cars exhibit is inside – out front, an enormous smooth riding surface for free scooters and bikes set out to use

kids can pretend to drive a Zurich tram

As of this post, it costs 27sfr for adults, 14sfr for 6-16, free under 6! There is a self-service cafeteria with the usual fare (though I thought the hot veggie dishes were pretty good for a change). High-chairs available. Tap water available in pitchers near the cash register – yay! There are stairs but there are elevators everywhere so the whole place is stroller-friendly. Don’t be put off by the crowds – the place can absorb an amazing amount of people. We went during one of the school holidays and despite the mad crush at the entrance, it felt quite empty in many parts of the museum. Parking is free for 5 hours if you drive past the metered parking to the big lot behind chains. Traffic through Luzern can be horrendous (just one lane back to the freeway) so be prepared.

life-sized space station

my 5yr olds were fascinated by this demonstration of boat locks and watched it over and over for about 20mins

computer displays with buttons to push

kids peer down to a movie about driving

more stuff behind glass – my boys poured over the details, comparing them to their toy pirate ships at home

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Planes, trains, cars, boats, and much, much more kids to explore at this great museum focused on all modes of transportation. Luzern Switzerland

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