Hoch Ybrig Panorama Hike

Hoch Ybrig is one of our favorite local mountain resorts, with fantastic panorama views and an easy hike for little kids and strollers. I particularly like this trail because it starts on a ridge, so you can see everything on both sides of the mountain, including Lake Luzern to the north. The trail wanders back down through rolling meadows to a small pond, with lots of picnic spots and fire pits. There are several restaurants and picnic areas with fire pits. It’s also nice for visitors as it’s close to Zurich, relatively inexpensive, and usually not as crowded as other famous places. We’ve been several times, both for hiking and skiing. I hope you like it as much as we do.

Location:   Central Switzerland
Address: Waagtalstrasse 126, 8842 Unteriberg, Switzerland
Car: 50 mins from Zurich
Parking GPS: 47°01’13.5″N 8°48’29.4″E
Train: 1hr30 from Zurich to Weglosen
Adult full fare return CHF 29.20
Trail: 6km, about 2 hours
Condition: dirt, obstacle-free options
Skill: easy
Open: July through October
Prices 2017: Hiking day pass Adult CHF 28, children under 16 free
SBB Half-fare and Junior cards not accepted
More info: www.hoch-ybrig.ch


Here is the hiking map for the Hoch Ybrig area. This free map is available at the ticket counter.

To access the trail, take the Weglosen gondola to Seebli, then the Sternen chair lift and follow the ridge trail to your right. The first half of the trail is wide, well-groomed, mostly downhill, suitable for sturdy strollers and small children.

At the half-way point, the trail intersects a paved road. Those with strollers and small children should follow the road to the right and continue down to the Seebli pond. Without the detour, the second half of the trail goes up lots of stairs to the Spirstock restaurant, with wonderful panorama views, then descends on a narrow lumpy trail, then a dirt road to the Seebli pond, same destination as the detour. Both options are about 6 km and about 2 hours slow walking time with kids.

There are several restaurants, mostly near the chair lifts, one near the lake. Some had trampolines and other play stuff for the kids. There are fire pits and picnic tables at the Seebli lake, a couple others on the trail. Check the panorama map for details.

Getting There

By car: Drive to Weglosen as shown on the map below. There is a large free car park next to the gondola station.

By public transport: Take a train to Einsiedeln, then a bus to Hoch-Ybrig, Talst. Weglosen. The bus also drops off right at the gondola.


Buy a day pass, which includes the Weglosen-Seebli gondola and all chair lifts in the resort. In 2017, the day pass cost CHF 28/adult. Children under 16 are free. SBB Half-fare and Junior cards are not accepted.

Trail Details

Now for some pictures. Here is the top of the Sternen chair lift, with the trail leading west along the ridge.

Looking back at the interesting mountain peaks.

On the ridge trail, looking back toward the Sternen chair lift.

On this ridge, you can safely look over the cliffs to the south and see…

…lots of mountains.

More of the ridge trail looking toward Lake Luzern.

Here’s where the trail splits. The trail intersects a road. Straight ahead the trial goes up lots of stairs to the Spirstock restaurant shown below. We took a stroller up there and it was very difficult and not recommended. But the trail is very nice and I’ll continue that below after explaining the detour.

Instead of taking the stairs, those with strollers can detour to the right, following the paved road back down the valley. We did this with a group of four year olds.

Below you can see the road cutting through the valley.

If you didn’t take the detour, you took the stairs, then the trail up to the restaurant. The trail looks like this.

Here’s the Spirstock restaurant at the tops, with great views of Hoch Ybrig. This picture was taken in early Oct 2014, still pretty with the brown fall colors. The restaurant food is typical Swiss fare, typical Swiss prices. There are toilets and a chair lift to take you down to the Seebli pond if you don’t want to walk down.

Here’s a view down to the Seebli pond that is your final destination.

To continue the trail, keep walking past the restaurant along the ridge. Do not take the path that cuts back under the restaurant.

Follow the signs down to Fuederegg, which is a restaurant near the Seebli pond.

This part of the trail is often narrow, lumpy with some steps as shown below.

We passed this picnic are with a fire pit. It was full of people and was under the power lines and didn’t have an amazing view. So we kept going.

Before you reach the Seebli pond, you’ll pass the Fuederegg restaurant. The day were were there in early Oct 2014, they had lots of trampolines and bouncy castles and it was packed full of families. I don’t know if that is standard.

At the end, you’ll reach the Seebli pond, which has a path circling it and a few picnic tables and fire pits in the woods next to the lake. The pond is popular with fisherman, so we had to be careful to avoid them casting their lines.

The pond is pretty in fall as well.

One of the fire pits next to the lake.

To get home, follow the signs to the Seebli-Weglosen gondola, which is a short 5 minute walk from the pond. Remember to check the operating times of the gondola to make sure you don’t miss the last one down.

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Easy ridge hike for families with little kids and strollers with fantastic panorama Swiss alp views. Hoch Ybrig Switzerland



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