Dinosaur Museum Aathal

If your child loves dinosaurs, the Saurier Museum Aathal is a perfect choice. They have lots of dinosaur bones, life-size dino models, and dioramas to keep your dino-fan happy. They also have a nice gift shop with lots of educational dinosaur books (some in English) and of course, dinosaur toys.

Location:   Zurich Region
Car: ~25 mins from Zurich
Train: ~35 mins from Zurich
Open: April thru October, 10:00 to 17:00, closed Mondays
Price (2016): Adult CHF 21, Child CHF 11, under 5 free.
Family discount CHF 58 for parents with children
Services: cafe, picnic area, play area, stroller accessible
More info: www.sauriermuseum.ch

Getting There

It’s just south of Uster, about a 20-30 min drive east of Zurich. Take A53 until the freeway ends then continue on Zurichstr for a few minutes. You can’t miss it.


The first time we went my 3yr old started screaming before we even got in the door, terrified by the life-size stegosaurus at the entrance. But later he loved it.

There are many life sized dinosaur models which may intimidate small children.

My kids loved this station where they could stamp dino foot prints in sand, then rake it smooth.

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  1. My little princess had a fit everytime her brother wanted to wear his dinosaur shirt. We had to hide it until her birthday when she got her own dinosaur shirt. She looks ‘lovely’ in it.

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