Technorama Science & Technology Museum

Technorama is a science discovery museum, with four floors of hands-on exhibits, interesting for both adults and kids. Although some of the exhibits are too advanced for young children and require reading instructions (in English, hooray!), there are plenty of easy hands-on stuff for little kids, with a little adult supervision. It’s great for rainy, cold days. We like it so much that we’ve had a season pass for several years.

Location:   Zurich Region
Car: ~30 mins from Zurich
Train: ~40 mins from Zürich HB to Oberwinterthur then 10 min walk
Adult half-fare return CHF 13
Open: Open 10:00 to 17:00 Tu-Su and most public holidays except Christmas Day.
Cost (2017): Child 6-15 years CHF 17, Adult CHF 28. Family discount of CHF 3 per person.
More info:

First a little video from my friends at Swiss Expat Family to get you excited. Subscribe to their channel for more videos like this one.


It’s an enormous place with so many exhibits that it would be difficult to see everything in one day. I started going when my first son was 2.5 years old and it’s been fun to see how my boys’ interests have changed over the years. With very little kids, you will have to watch them carefully in some areas so they don’t destroy the exhibit (my kids broke a prism one year, but the Technorama staff was really nice about it), but most exhibits can take a lot of abuse.

Before my kids were in school, we loved to go on weekdays, especially in the mornings when it was really quiet. But even on holidays and weekends, when the parking lot is packed, there’s enough room to spread out inside that you won’t be waiting in long lines for most of the exhibits. The place can handle a lot of people. This is not an indoor play hall like Kindercity or Trampolino, so expect to manage your children and keep a close eye on them (we’ve lost kids for a few scary minutes a couple times).

There is a cafeteria with the predictable expensive fare: chicken nuggets, pizza, sandwiches, salad bar, pasta, wurst, etc. There is also an indoor picnic area where you can eat your own food. You are expected to keep your bags and food in the provided lockers and fetch them later when you want to eat.

To give you a taste, here are some of our favorites. A room full of gigantic “kugelbahnen” aka wood structures where the ball rolls through holes, off drop-offs, around ledges, etc. When it’s busy, it can be hard to find a ball to play with.

We love this machine that spits little pieces of dry ice into a shallow pool. The ice spins around frantically, emitting smoke and creating cool designs.

Giant bubble makers. Can get a little messy.

Lots of light, shadow, and electricity exhibits. On the left, my toddler is tracing the shadow of his big brother.

Tests who is more relaxed and my youngest son (at 2, 3 and 4 years old) would always win.

Infrared heat family portrait.

Lots of magnet exhibits, this one making designs with metal dust.

My kids can spend an hour at this one. You spin various rings and balls and a big rotating disk.

Another bubble machine, this one creating a whole bubble wall that you can blow into.

Getting There

By car: take the A1 toward Winterthur, then take exit 72 and follow signs to Technorama.

By transit: take a train to Oberwinterthur, then walk about 10 mins to Technorama or wait for the bus.

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Kids love this huge science and technology museum with lots of interactive exhibits. Near Zurich, Switzerland. Great for rainy days.

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