Connyland is a small amusement park near the Swiss-Germany border, with lots of little rides and one big coaster. It’s geared for little kids. They do have ‘bigger’ rides for the older ones but mostly smaller kids stuff. It costs 25 fr per person and 22 fr ages 3-17 (I think). But once you’re in, you don’t have to pay for the rides. You can ride them as much as your little heart desires. They let my 3yr old ride on everything from the Pirate ship (a big boat the swings) to the bumper cars. However, I am not sure how safe that was.

Regarding activities, they have a Dolphin show, Sea lion show, Papageien show and a Theater. We hit the Dolphin and Parrot show which was cute. The times of the shows where great, having one starting every 15 min or so but I am not sure if they have a different times on weekdays. We went on a Sat around 1:00 and it looked like a ghost town. Hardly anyone was there!! It did fill up but we still didn’t have to wait to long to get on the rides.
Speaking of rides, the park had bumper cars, a ride that goes up and then drops about 100ft and back up again, a train that runs through half the park, a dinosaur ride that scared my 3yr old for life (not recommended for little ones), a jumping castle, a long slide you go down with mats and huge jungle gym thing (similar to the one at starbies), a flying elephant ride, the swinging pirate ship, pony rides, a water ride (where you go down a hill and splash into water), and a petting zoo with goats and some other stuff. It’s not anything compared to what you get it the states, and the park is small but my 3yr old and 1.5yr old had a blast.
The website is It is about 50km from Zurich and about 20 minutes from Winterthur. It is easy to find.

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  1. We spent the day at Conny Land today and loved it! Our 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 year old had a great time, it’s the perfect size for them (or also slightly older children). They went on every single ride I believe. The bumper cars were a little too rough, even with grownups driving the cars. Our 3 1/2 year old was a little scared of the dinosaurs, but nothing traumatic. And the lines were not long, even on a Saturday afternoon. A good day for all of us!
    This blog is a great resource, we should keep updating it… if ever we do something fun and new we’ll send you a post Tanya!

  2. Hi, just got back from vacation and was wondering what to do tomorrow with the kids. This sounds like a good option!
    Tanya, thanks for updating the blog so regularly with posts and pics.
    FYI, there may be a broken link to this post in the Amusement Parks section.

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